With so many moving companies on the market nowadays, it is not easy to find the right one. Many of them offer similar services and it is not always easy to say whether they can truly live up to your expectations. The thing that can help you get good advice on finding a moving company is moving reviews. But beware that it is not always easy to understand those reviews. In this article, learn how to understand moving reviews.

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It is important to understand reviews to find a reputable company

The importance of moving reviews

When you are in need of finding a reputable moving company, sometimes moving reviews are all that you have. Of course, you can ask some of your friends who recently moved about their moving experience. But finding a moving company based on reviews is not an easy thing to do. Customers post their reviews for other customers to know what to expect. Also, this way you can check if a moving company can fulfill your moving expectations.

Understand moving reviews to avoid any scams

Reviews can help you a great deal. But it is also important how to distinguish between fake and real reviews.

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Check reviews on all social media

Unfortunately, some moving companies use fake moving reviews to attract new customers. First of all, check if the reviews are the same or similar to all the social media of a company. If you see the same names posting comments, together with only positive ones, then this should be a red flag. In addition, you should avoid these companies.

Compare reviews

Another very important thing to compare while reading reviews is to check how much they charge for different services. First of all, you should know that getting moving quotes should be free. In addition, compare prices, hourly rates, and additional charges if any. Of course, these rates may vary. But if for example, you get extremely low moving quotes, then again something is wrong here. Therefore, it is crucial to understand moving reviews to have a successful move.

Reviews for long-distance moves

As you know, long-distance moves proved to be one of the most difficult tasks for both professional movers and their customers. If you need to move long-distance, then take three moving companies and compare their moving reviews. Take into consideration that some customers may have paid higher charges due to booking additional moving insurance. Always double-check if there were additional hidden costs that other customers paid and posted in the reviews.

Other things to look for and understand regarding moving reviews

Additionally, check if other customers mentioned something on the company’s license number. Every reliable moving company should have a transparent license number on its site. However, this number you can personally check. on the FMCSA website. Search for their U.S DOT number on this site to check the reputability of the company.

It is important to understand moving reviews and the importance they play in finding a reliable moving company. The reviews should not be too general. Each company should have both positive and negative reviews. Finally, do not discard them at all. Instead, use them for your own benefit.

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