Checking reviews and feedback online is the first thing many people do. Moving is a difficult and long process, so everyone wants to find the most reliable moving service. Friends and family are always a good source of information when it comes to looking for movers. But if they can’t provide enough feedback, the next best thing is to go online. Online reviews give detailed information on a company and are in higher numbers than the personal recommendations you may get. With online reviews, you can see just how good a company works, as well as any flaws they may have. It is not important how many negative reviews a company has, but how it handles them. The problem appears when fake online moving reviews show up, and it is important to notice them fast in order to avoid these companies. Reviews like these are big red flags.

person with headphones sitting in front of a pc
Rival companies often hire dishonest people to write fake reviews

Why do these kinds of reviews even exist?

The first thing is to understand the goal of fake online moving reviews. In most cases, it is because of the strong competition between companies. Different businesses do whatever they can to stay ahead of the game and bring in the most customers. Often, the factor of customer service and ethics is overlooked due to profit. And unfortunately, this happens in the moving industry as well. Dishonest companies usually hire people to either increase their own ratings by writing very positive reviews or to bring down the competition by leaving negative scores on popular review websites. The goal is to hide their own failure or bad ethics by claiming how good they are, or how bad the other companies are. Sometimes, movers will give lower rates to customers if they leave a 5-star review on their website. All of this has a bad effect on the market.

It’s easy to spotĀ fake online moving reviews if you pay attention to details.

Fake reviews are easily noticed thanks to small details that reveal them. Once you’re familiar with them, you’ll have no problem spotting them and avoiding them.

  • An overly positive review – Nobody is perfect, the same applies to movers. There is always room for improvement and when you see a review that is all about praise, something isn’t right. Lines like “They offer the most amazing services ever” together with “The cheapest movers in the whole world” need to be approached with caution.
  • An overly negative review – Every company has negative reviews, that’s the simple truth. A customer is more likely to leave a bad score right after the move when they are affected the most. However, fake online moving reviews are easy to spot when they are nothing but ramble. Reviews that offer no useful information are red flags. Rivals use this the most to bring down the competition.

    hand pointing at fake online moving reviews on a screen
    Spotting fake moving reviews is simple
  • Too much description in a review – Another sign of fake online moving reviews is when a person goes deeper into detail when they are describing their experience. Genuine reviews mostly have a mix of good and bad, but relevant and precise remarks. If someone is too convincing with their comment, chances are, they don’t know how to write reviews.
  • Suspicious looking profiles – This is the easiest thing to check. Behind a fake review usually stands a fake profile. Competitors usually hire individuals to write false reviews, and most sites require some kind of account in order to post. By looking at a “clients” profile you will most often see a profile picture that is actually a stock photo. Also, people sometimes tend to get sloppy, and they will write down an address in their profile which belongs to an area where the mover doesn’t operate.

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