When it comes to residential moving, it doesn’t get much more difficult than long-distance moving across the country. You must be well prepared for the challenges that await and plan your relocation carefully. One of the most important tasks during this period is finding the best coast to coast moving companies. That is a process that takes time, and you shouldn’t rush it. Research your options carefully, set the budget, and start packing early. Moving advice is particularly useful when it comes to long-distance relocation, so we have prepared some important guidelines.

Calculate your budget before researching the best coast to coast moving companies

Cost is an essential factor when choosing a reliable moving company. The first step when preparing for moving is to calculate your budget. Once you set a budget for your move, you can filter the best coast to coast moving companies. You can get a free moving quote by filling out a simple form, but this is to get a general idea. Always request a moving estimate before hiring a particular company. It will depend on the weight and volume of your possessions, relocation distance, the date of your move, and extra services. Check whether the final cost includes storage and if there are any additional charges. You must understand the negotiated terms and conditions before signing a contract.

Find best coast to coast moving companies that fit your budget
Set the budget before you start searching for the best coast to coast moving companies

Things to consider

Once you set the moving budget, you can begin researching moving companies that fit your needs. You shouldn’t rush these things because thorough research is a crucial part of finding good, professional movers. First, check whether a particular company has a license and offers insurance. Avoid shady movers who usually offer lower prices but have a bad reputation. At the end of the day, safety and reliability are more important than the cost. Licensed movers will handle your belongings with care and provide moving insurance for your items.

However, check the type of insurance or coverage that they offer. Usually, the price includes minimal coverage, but you will have to pay additionally for full value protection. That is the only way to get compensated for the actual value of your possessions since the underlying coverage is set at 60 cents per pound per article.

Thorough research is the key to finding the best coast to coast moving companies

Two best ways of finding reliable moving companies are referrals and specialized websites. Getting recommendations from friends and family for the best coast to coast moving companies will facilitate your search and save you time. It’s very likely that some of them moved recently or know someone who had to relocate. Also, search the Internet for company reviews on specialized websites such as the Better Business Bureau.

Here, you can find a company’s rating, marked from the highest A+ to the lowest F. It’s important to check whether a company meets BBB accreditation standards. And to find customer reviews and previously submitted complaints. That will help you make an informed decision and find the best movers for you.

Finding company reviews
Search the Internet for moving company reviews

Ask your friends to help you

It is ok to ask your friends to help you when you are looking for a moving company. The thing is, some of them probably moved recently, or knows someone who moved.  Then they can recommend to you a moving company that can help you with your move. This can be one of the quickest ways to get movers for your relocation. There is always another way, and that is to visit our USA Moving Reviews website and read all the information we have gathered about the movers near you. We can help you locate the best moving company for your move.

Once you make a list, start comparing the best coast to coast moving companies

What you need to do is to compare all the potential moving companies you would want to hire. We are not talking only about the cost of the move. You have to include other things in your comparison as well. That means you should see if you need some special moving service and see who among them can offer you that. For instance, what use you have of a moving company if they can’t offer you piano moving services if you have a piano to move? This is just the first step you need to take when comparing movers. It will surely help you with your relocation a lot.

paper and pen you will use to make a list of the best coast to coast moving companies
Make a list of potential best coast to coast moving companies you would like to hire

This will help you narrow down all the potential movers you want to hire for your move. The very next thing you need to think about that can help you decide who you want to hire is the cost of the move. Once you see what kind of services they will provide you, ask them about the cost of the move. They will tell you their estimates, and based on that you can try and get a deal with your movers. Some of them may be too expensive for your taste, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable movers for your move. Make sure to follow our guidelines if when looking for movers.

Ask your movers about the contracts

It is important to talk with your potential moving company about the types of contracts you can get. These contracts, or estimates, can give you a rough idea of what you can expect from your movers and what you can do from your side. Contracts are used to protect both movers and those who are moving. This means they will make a list of items they are moving and compare it with yours. You will then fix any kind of differences you have in the list. Make sure to read it with them and fix what you can.

Keep everything on schedule

What you have to have in mind is that if you are rushing your relocation, you will make a lot of moving mistakes. Packing things incorrectly leads to broken items, and that leads to stressful situations. To avoid this, you would want to know how to properly manage your time. If you begin planning your relocation ahead of time you will have more than enough opportunities to deal with any kind of moving issue you might have. And this will surely keep the stress levels low.

a person writing a plan
Keep everything on schedule when moving

Sort out your items and declutter

Moving in itself is stressful enough. You don’t need to add more time and stress by packing and unpacking the unnecessary items. Sort out your belongings and get rid of the things you won’t need in your new home. Divide them into three piles: toss, keep, donate. If you have items, you don’t use but might be useful to someone else, give them, or organize a yard sale. However, if they are broken or in bad condition, get rid of them. One of the most significant benefits of decluttering is saving money while moving. As you already know, the total weight of your items will determine the final moving expenses. Also, you can make additional money by selling:

  • stuff you no longer use,
  • clothes you won’t wear again or
  • furniture that won’t fit into your new home.

Pack and label

Finally, it’s time to throw yourself into packing. Adequate packing is an integral part of the moving process. Not only does it save time when unpacking but lowers the risk of damage during transport. Best coast to coast moving companies also offer the service of packing and unpacking. However, if you decide to do this yourself, it’s important to follow certain rules. Carefully and clearly label every box. Write information that will help you identify its content, the destination room, and handling instructions. You should write these details on the side of the box instead of the top so that you can read them when the boxes are piled up.

Also, don’t forget to pack the essentials box when moving long-distance. It should include the items that you will need the first night – toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, basic kitchen supplies, etc. Load the essentials box last and unload it first when you arrive in your new home. It will be your survival kit until you unpack the rest of your belongings.

Labeling and packing boxes
Label every box with essential information

Enjoy the move

The moving process is usually tiring and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be hectic. The key is solid preparation and good research. That will ensure a smooth and stress-free move. It’s essential to start planning early and hire professionals to help you relocate. Finding the best coast to coast moving companies will facilitate and accelerate the move. Reliable movers will handle your belongings carefully, and you will not be unpleasantly surprised with unexpected expenses.

First, you should set the moving budget. Then, filter moving companies that fit your budget and your specific needs. Check their ratings and previously submitted reviews. Organize your possessions, pack smart, and label your boxes. Long-distance relocation is an enormous task, and you need to stay on schedule. And don’t forget the most important thing – enjoy the move and your new home.

This is exactly what you need to do to find the best coast to coast moving companies. It can take some time, so make sure to start ahead. We hope you found this article informative and invite you to read other articles as well.

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