If you are one of those people who cannot live in one place, or you simply have decided to change your life completely, packing an essentials box is a first thing you should do when moving long distance. You know that it is a huge step and a very serious journey, so your moving plans and preparations should be very serious as well. There could also be a problem when moving long distance if you bring pets and children. Those things should be a priority before packing an essentials box.

Even though you may feel different, the first problem is actually what to bring when moving long distance. People are used to accumulating possession, and it is hard for them to get away from their things.

How do you start packing an essentials box for a long distance move?

In order to move stress and hassle-free when choosing what to bring when moving a house, you should follow simple steps. The first thing you actually should do as soon you decided to move is not packing an essentials box. It is one of the ways how to plan long distance moving. It is a moment when you should decide what to pack when moving. That plan should be in shape of the checklist and you can fulfill it every day, every time when you find something important for adding. Some people call it an inventory list and it represents a crucial list of thing which should be pack when moving.

Always make a checklist when packing an essential box for long distance movingd be writing down the clock parts when moving a Grandfather clock.
Always make a checklist when packing an essential box for long distance moving

Make sure that you have all on your paper!

When plan a long distance move to it is also important to make a route plan so moving does not become a nightmare. Before everything you do, first make sure that you have checked all from this list:

  • Have you decided if you are moving by your car or flying?
  • Do you follow important steps when packing an essentials box?
  • In case that you have decided to go by car, have you prepared maps and GPS system?
  • You will maybe be forced to sleep during moving long distance, have you checked hotels?

It is also not harmful if you choose to use a professional moving company for packing an essentials box. You should use all the information you have, read testimonials, for example, on their websites. Then compare their reputation on forums and social network. Always bring a company from the list of 10 top movers, so you will not make a mistake.

In case that you have chosen to use your own car to bring when moving house, you should also make some steps before going. Check automobile routes and become a member of the automotive club. It will provide you a necessary insurance and help on the road. Prepare an emergency kit and check your driving license and law in the country you have decided to move in.

How packing an essentials box moving looks like?

Now is time to decide what to bring when moving home. Packing an essentials box also presumes to decide what to bring when moving long distance, so you could be in front of a very difficult decision. Sometimes is bringing of the furniture actually mission impossible, or could be very expensive. On the other hand, choosing what to bring when moving house means saying goodbye to important things in our life. Buying furniture, on the other hand, could be very expensive when moving long distance.

Do not forget the small things when packing an essentials box!

It is very important to organize properly moving of pets and children when moving to long distance. Packing an essentials box could be even harder for children, especially if they already have their life at home you are living. Make sure that they have made their lists and know what to pick when moving long distance. You should also organize their traveling as comfortable as possible.

Labeling packing boxes.
Marking the boxes is essential when packing an essential box for long distance moving

Moving long distance could be very harmful and even dangerous so always keep safety in mind:

  • When packing an essentials box for moving, you have to use boxes that are made for that purposes;
  • Always wrap things in protective wrapping and fill all empty spaces in boxes and cases;
  • You can also use sponges, styrofoam, or even blankets for packaging;
  • Write FRAGILE or THIS SIDE UP on boxes, so workers in the moving company would know how to pack your boxes;
  • Do not forget to put your name and address (or information about the emergency person) on the boxes.

Avoid usual mistakes when moving long distance

Moving long distance does not stop when the packing of an essentials box is finished. It could be very useful if you were to choose an emergency person when moving. You know how things go when moving house, especially when a third party is involved. The truck with your stuff might get stolen or damaged, or the driver could lose your address. Remember that you and your furniture and boxes could be on different sides of the road when moving long distance, so a person who will answer on phone in case of emergency could be very useful at that moment.

Always check the place when you will move in. It sounds weird, but people sometimes forget to ask for a parking space nearby the new house. That could make problems to the truck driver or even you if you have chosen to come by your car.

Packing an essential box means picking the most important things
Packing an essential box means picking the most important things

Make sure that you have packed all things properly!

Packing an essentials box includes picking the best combination of the stuff, and also putting all connected things in the same box. You can use your own system for that. Some people recommend packing the boxes by rooms the stuff come from. You can also pack extremely fragile things in one box and put it at a special place in a car or truck. Boxes with the books should not be so gently packed, thus.

In order to travel stress and hassle-free, it is best if you can move during the off-season. You can decide to organize your packing essentials box before that season starts, and then simply pack boxes when are the least crowd on the roads.

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