The biggest reason why people hesitate to hire professional movers is because of fraudulent moving companies. The cost of moving companies plays a huge role. However, it’s not a waste of money if the professional movers that you hired do a great job. The bigger problem is when you pay for bad moving services. For this reason, there are ways to identify fraudulent relocation companies. A good start would be to visit USA moving reviews and find information related to the moving company that you are planning to hire.

How can you identify fraudulent relocation companies?

To know which moving company is not reliable, you should first know the qualities of reliable moving companies. Fraudulent moving companies usually lack all or most of these qualities. When you want to hire a moving company, you shouldn’t hire the first one you find. Ask for recommendations or search online. You should always find a couple of moving companies and then compare their qualities. Moving companies that have some of the following traits, you should definitely avoid:

  • Bad reviews
  • No license
  • Charges too much
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Reviews can help you to identify fraudulent relocation companies

Moving reviews can tell you a lot about a moving company

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. However, moving companies Long Island reviews can be the only one that points out which moving company is fraudulent. You probably don’t buy a make-up product without reading reviews before. For this reason, you should do the same when you are hiring a moving company. The only problem is that the moving company might delete bad reviews from their online site. But that’s why there are other ways to know which moving company is the bad one.

How should moving companies charge?

If moving company charges by the cubic foot, that’s a huge red flag. A moving company should make a moving estimate based on the weight of your belongings. For this reason, you should carefully read the moving estimate before you sign a moving contract. A fraudulent moving company usually offers you an amazing moving estimate only to charge you additional fees in the end. Also, these kinds of things are usually mentioned in movers NYC reviews and that’s why you should definitely read them.

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Don’t hire a moving company that doesn’t have a license

Skip moving companies that don’t have a proper license

A moving company can’t be called reliable if it doesn’t have a proper moving license. Every moving company that works interstate must have a USDOT number issued by FMCSA. Luckily, you don’t need a moving company to show you proof of this number as you can check it by yourself. Simply, go to the FMCSA website and write down the name of the moving company that interested you. On this website, you can also find out other important information about the moving company.

Moving estimate can tell you a lot

There are three types of moving estimates: non-binding, binding, and binding not-to-exceed. Fraudulent moving companies usually offer non-binding, so they can charge you more at the end of a relocation. So, one of the ways to identify fraudulent relocation companies is based on moving estimates.


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