While people are busy with moving preparations, they do not even think about what can come after. In most cases, everything goes well. But in certain cases, things may disappear or undergo damage. You can read this a lot in moving reviews. It is very useful to know what may happen and what you can expect sometimes. In addition, it is good to know your rights. So in this article, learn how to inspect your items after a move and what to do if something is wrong.

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Creating an inventory list is important to inspect your items after the move

Create an inventory before the move

This is of great importance to create an inventory list. Start by going room by room and write down everything that you possess and that you plan to take with you. This way you will always have insight into what you have. In addition, start reading movers NJ reviews and inform yourself about the movers’ reputation among clients. Reviews will help you learn if something was missing or suffered damage when other people moved.

Read your moving contract before you inspect your items after a move

It is important to read your moving contract carefully before you sign it. In the contract, there must be all the terms that you agreed upon with your movers. In addition, it should state in the contract who is responsible if something is missing or undergoes any damage. When you determine this, and after the move, you discover some items are not there, ask your movers to grant a concession.

a woman holding a contract
Read a moving contract for details on damage or loss

How to actually inspect your items after a move?

Although it seems like a very simple task, it definitely is not. You will have lots of moving boxes, paper, and bubble wrap around. Who can remember what you put in each box? Here comes the inventory list that now you should consult. Depending on the type of insurance you have in your contract if you have it, ask your movers to provide a solution.

Take pictures of your items

Taking pictures before packing is essential. Go around your home and take pictures on your phone, especially photographing the edges and fragile items. This will help you a lot when checking your possessions after the move. First of all, you will know how these looked before packing. Secondly, this will be valid proof for the moving company if they refuse to grant any concession for the damage or loss.

Keep your important item with you at all times

There is a huge list of certain items that you should not give to your movers to handle. As they are very important and of great value, these items must be with you at all times. Important documents, laptops, money, jewelry, all this you should keep in a separate moving box. Do not forget to inspect your items after a move even if these were with you.

The most important thing when moving is creating an inventory list, checking the moving contract,s and taking photos of your inventory. Remember to inspect your items after a move. This is the only way to keep track of records if something is lost or damaged.

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