Moving is a serious process that you should handle properly with the help of your movers. No matter if you are moving locally or long-distance, one thing is for sure. You must have a moving contract prior to moving. The first thing you need is a reputable moving company to land you a helping hand. Then you need to learn which terms to include in your moving contract. In this short guide learn how to manage that.

movers holding boxes
Find a reputable moving company

A word on finding a reliable moving company

As there are so many moving companies on the market, it is not easy to choose just the right one that can fulfill your moving requests. Of course, you can ask your friends and family for a referral. Also, you can do your own research on finding a reputable company. Read the reviews from other customers. Check what kind of moving services they offer. Explore what kind o move they are specialized into.

Moving quotes – the first thing to include in your moving contract

It is very important to know how much your move will cost. When knowing this fact, then you can plan your moving budget accordingly. Therefore, ask your movers for moving quotes. Every moving company should offer this service for free. Provide them with the details about your move, so that movers can create a precise estimate of the moving costs. Then, of course, compare the moving costs with several different companies.

a woman calculating costs
Always ask for moving quotes

Include packing services in your moving contract

If for example, you do not have enough time and should move on short notice, consider booking packing services with your movers as well. Aks your movers how much they charge for packing and unpacking services. If you decide to go for this option, always calculate how much this service will cost. In addition, make sure to include this term in your moving contract. Having this on the paper will later save you from paying extra. Your contract should precisely determine all the costs so there will not be any further surprises.

Be aware of the moving scams

You have probably heard about the moving scams regarding moving services. While in a hurry, sometimes people do not recognize these red alerts. Therefore, it is important to know how to recognize this and prevent facing any scam. Visit the companies’ websites as well as their social media. Check what other customers said. Ask for additional insurance in case of any damage to put in your contract.

Obtain a moving contract template

If you are still not sure about all the points that your moving contract should contain, you can ask for some official legal advice. Alternatively, check online and download a moving contract template. Depending on the type of services you request, you can easily compare this document with the contact you get from movers.

There are many terms to include in your moving contract. Do the research, ask your friends, and compare experiences. It takes time and energy. On the other hand, it will provide you with a safe moving experience without any hidden costs.

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