Moving can be so stressful and expensive too. But, there are some ways to cut the expenses. Every penny is important when moving home. How to move for less and to have the same quality as spending a fortune? You never know how much money you will need after moving. Especially, if you are moving overseas or anywhere far away. Save money after the move too, until you settle down. We have some tips and tricks for affordable moving. Do not worry if you have a lack of money or you just do not want to spend too much of it.

How to move for less and to save money?

What is the cost of hiring movers, or to do it by yourself? How to cut moving expenses? Answers to all those important questions are here. Follow our tips and tricks to save money.

What is your budget for moving?

Set the budget and stick to it. How much you want to spend on a move? Talk to your family and see what can you afford or not? Of course, there are always the things that you did not plan. But, based on typical and average moving costs, you can create a list of costs. That will help you to see what you can cut even more. It is normal to have expenses, even if you are moving your furniture without a moving company.

A wallet with money inside.
Set the budget how much you can spend on moving because there will always be some kind of expenses.

Find affordable moving company

The key is to find a reliable and affordable moving company, such as Miami Movers For Less. Like the name of the company says, you will move for less money with the same good quality and experienced professionals. You can visit and see what they can offer you. Maybe hiring a moving company sounds like a big expense, but it is just a prejudice. Especially if it is a long distance move.

But, on the other hand, watch out. The fraudsters also know to attract people at low-cost prices. Before you hire any moving company, check everything. Get referrals from the company, check their license and insurance. For example, Miami Movers For Less has a license for their work and insurance too.

Try to get the best deal

Negotiate with the moving company to get the best price. Rates are not set in stone. That means you can negotiate with them. But, be honest. Even if you do not have the skills to negotiate, you can get a better deal. How to move for less and make a good deal?

  • Many movers would prefer to get a job than to see you go to one of their competitors. Use this advantage to get a better price.
  • Call a moving company and ask them directly. You have nothing to lose here. Tell them your lowest bid and try to convince them to give you a lower price.
  • Be persistent and do not give up. There are so many ways how to move for less. When the company sees that you are a serious client, they will give you a better deal.

Time is money

Many people say that time is money. And this is true. You will cut your costs by “cutting” your time, for sure. The better your organization is, the more time you will save. Imagine falling behind with your schedule, for example. That time loss may lead you to hire some extra moving labor. That also means more money. Create a checklist to stay organized and to know what is done and what you should do.

A watch on a table.
Be organizes and plan ahead. Time is money.

Free moving boxes and packing materials are everywhere

Collect free moving boxes, do not buy them. There are everywhere. At the supermarkets, local stores, bars, restaurants or ask your friends to give you their boxes if they do need them anymore. For clothing, you can use suitcases, for example. Or put the small items in shoe boxes. Be creative and do not spend money on moving boxes. The same case is for the packing material. Do not throw your newspapers, you can use it for wrapping items. You can also use towels, blankets or bed sheets.

Pack fewer items

Fewer items mean less money. It does not matter if you hire a moving company or not. You will use more boxes, more wrapping foil, a bigger truck, more gas…So, before you start with packing, pick what to keep, toss and donate and declutter your home before moving. Think twice, do you really need that particular item? For example, if you did not wear some sweater for one year or more, you probably do not need it. Stick to this rule. On the other hand, you can earn money if you sell your furniture or other items you do not need. Organize a garage sale, and you will really save a lot of money.

Do not pack all the items you have. It will cost you more. Also, do not buy boxes, there are always free ones around you.

For local moving, consider a self-move

If the moving is local, then you can DIY. But, expect the expenses too, even if it a short distance move. You may succeed in lowering the costs if you are organized. Ask your friends for help with moving. You can together pack load and unload the boxes from the truck or van. Distance is the most important factor. Anyway, you probably need to rent a truck and to secure your items. If you were wondering how to move for less and to do it by yourself, then it requires a good organization and experience.

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