You have decided that your next step in life is moving from Long Island to Florida? Way to go! Who wouldn’t swap NYC winters and their cold temperatures for plenty of sun and warm weather? How about having extensive sandy beaches nearby? Combine that with a lower cost of living that Florida offers, and this sounds like the right decision, doesn’t it? Now that we have cleared that, we should focus on finding reliable movers¬†and making this move as effortless as possible. Let us help and take a look at the suggestions below.

Choose the best city in Florida

Florida has become fairly popular recently as a destination for people’s relocation. It has even been ranked as one of the top ten states for inbound migration in 2021. Moreover, according to Jimmy Patronis (Florida’s CFO) about 900 people are moving to Florida¬†every day. This is surely a nod to your decision to move – Florida it is! Nonetheless, what about the choice of cities when moving from Long Island to Florida? It depends on what your priorities are, actually:

  • Naples – known for gorgeous beaches; great shopping and dining spots and proximity to Miami and Tampa;
  • Sarasota – know for its great cultural scene; thriving economy/job market; lovely beaches as well
  • Melbourne – located in Central Florida; has a growing community; housing lower than the national average;
  • Orlando – known as the state of retirement; famous vacations spot; offers a variety of theme parks (including Disneyland).
A view onto a lwhite sandy beach at sunset
Moving from Long Island to Florida will put beaches like this at your fingertips

Find good movers when Moving from Long Island to Florida

One of the crucial things to consider when moving is the choice of the moving company you will hire. The moving process is stressful enough on its own, so finding professional movers can relieve some of that pressure. You should really do your research and read the reviews for moving companies in Florida. Make sure the company you have chosen has:

  • license and insurance
  • the necessary credentials for the move from Long Island to Florida
  • any additional moving costs and fees stipulated by their contract
  • good, trustworthy reviews
A man carrying a small box
Find the best movers by checking the reviews

Rent a storage unit when moving from Long Island to Florida

Moving from Long Island to Florida is an interstate move and dealing with such a move is no picnic. It is much harder to pack up, decide on what you’re taking with you, and what you’re leaving behind. A good piece of advice, in this case, might be renting a storage unit. Firstly, a storage unit, you can start packing much earlier, and therefore have more time to do so. In turn, removing your belongings will make your old house more presentable for a potential buyer. Finally, a storage unit allows you more time to plan out the layout of your new home. A good thing is that a lot of moving companies offer storage units. You just need to check moving companies Long Island reviews and find the best one for you.

Yes, moving from Long Island to Florida is not the easiest thing to do. However, once you have made your decision and gone through all the necessary steps, you should be ready. If you find yourself having any questions regarding the Sunshine state, you can learn more on their official site. Until then, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back. A new adventure awaits!

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