Moving is never easy. Planning it all and then executing your plans is exhausting and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you hire a moving company in Florida you’ll have a stress-free move. If you hire a high-quality moving company you won’t have to lift a finger. But the catch is to find Florida moving company that is legitimate. And that’s what Florida moving companies reviews are here for!

Rely on Florida movers reviews

Although moving is always demanding, a negative attitude is worthless. So before you start creating a moving plan, get rid of anxiety and fear. Instead of negative thoughts, make sure to focus on ways to get through the moving process as easy as possible. Firstly, make sure to get recommendations from close friends and family members. After you talk with them, write down the names of considerable moving companies. Secondly, make sure to check the legitimacy of those moving companies. But how to do that? If you don’t know where to start, there is no need to scared. Our USA Moving Reviews are here to provide you with a piece of information you may be interested in. Moreover, there is no better place where you could be right now. Namely, we have gathered relevant Florida moving companies reviews to help you out. So read this useful article we prepared.

Trustworthy Florida moving companies revisions

Before any journey, you need to prepare well. Besides that, it is important to take what you are going to need. As well as that, before you start reading tons of Florida moving companies’ revisions and comments, make sure you know the boundaries. Because there is no need to waste time without setting your final goal. Better look into proven ways to make sure a moving company is legitimate. Right now, you are probably wondering are all comments and reviews are honest and relevant? No, they are not.

Florida moving companies reviews
Our USA Moving companies reviews are here to help you out

Fraudulent moving companies reviews

For instance, if you notice several ”too good to true” comments written on the same day, perhaps you might be confused. For sure, it is more than obvious that it is a fraud. Nowadays, there are too many companies in the market that offer moving services. Moving company reviews represent a way for the company to advertise. Unfortunately, many of them are not legit. People have different ways on how to make money and sometimes they won’t be scrupulous to achieve that. So, be aware of fake reviews. It is not so rare for them to do this so they can increase their business by doing false advertising. For sure you don’t want to become a victim of fraudulent movers. So when you notice similar flawless reviews, take it with a pinch of salt. Also, we want to remind you that the world isn’t always honest.

Where to search for Florida moving companies reviews

So the best way to know if your Florida moving company is legitimate is by looking them up on the Internet. Continue reading to find out where you can find moving companies with good reviews because reading all Florida moving companies reviews you can find is key. If they are legitimate you’ll be able to easily find information about them on the Internet. There are three kinds of websites where you can find out if a moving company in Florida is legitimate:

  • government’s websites
  • websites specialized for the moving market
  • general websites like Google and Yelp
Buttons that spell "web" - best place to look for Florida moving companies reviews
In the era of the Internet, it’s rather easy to find out if a Florida moving company is legitimate

Government’s websites

Certain laws that obligate moving companies to be properly licensed and insured. Every moving company that offers long-distance moving must have the DOT number. But having the DOT number for in-state movers varies from state to state. Luckily for you, Florida is a state where all moving companies must have the DOT number. Furthermore, if a Florida moving company has the DOT number it has to be put somewhere where it can be easily seen. For example, at the moving company’s website or in its advertisements. To check out moving companies in Florida you can use Best Business Bureau and US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration websites.

US Department of Transportation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The first place where you should check out if a Florida moving company is legitimate is the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. As I’ve already said, Florida is one of the states where both interstate and in-state movers must have the DOT number. And having the DOT number means that they have the necessary credentials.

Better Business Bureau

Best Business Bureau’s website is a place where you can find out if a moving company is their member if it’s properly insured and so on. When you’re searching for Florida moving companies reviews Best Business Bureau’s website is the place to go to. But these Florida moving companies reviews are not your typical reviews. They are complaints filed about movers. But unlike other websites that have only reviews, here you can also find how the complaints have been dealt with. That way you can see both sides of the story. And then you can decide for yourself whether to trust a review or not. Better Business Bureau’s website has one more amazing feature – grades. You can see a grade for every moving company which can save you some time when reading a never-ending list of moving companies in Florida.

Websites specialized for the moving market

After you’ve made sure that Florida moving company is legitimate and has credentials you can search further. Your next stop in this search should be websites that are specialized for the moving market. On these websites, you can find a lot of Florida moving companies reviews. Websites specialized for the moving market have some sort of protection. They don’t let just anyone leave their reviews. They request that you verify your identity first. So there’s less chance that you’ll find false reviews of Florida movers on them.

General websites like Google and Yelp

Nowadays, everyone has access to the Internet. That can be both good and bad. For it means that there are more reviews of Florida moving companies available to you. But it also means that basically anyone can write them. Even someone who hasn’t even hired the said moving company. And unfortunately, this is something that happens daily. There are more and more moving companies that hire people to write good reviews of their company. And there are even those moving companies that go as far as to hire people to write bad reviews of their rivals.

Laptop with Google Chrome open
Google may not be the best place to search for reviews of moving companies in Florida

Having said that, you should take every review of Florida moving companies with a grain of salt. And be especially careful when you’re reading them on general websites like Google and Yelp. The reason for this is that virtually anyone can write something on them. There are tips on how to spot fake online moving reviews that you can find on the Internet. They’ll help you spot all the red flags – like too generic or too detailed reviews. Or they’ll surprise you when you find out that the best reviews of moving companies in Florida will be the 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star reviews. They’ll tell you what information you should search for in Florida moving companies reviews and so on.

Benefits of Florida moving companies reviews

Unquestionably, you want to have the best possible move. That is why we highly recommend you to look into Florida moving companies reviews. Besides checking the company’s legitimacy, you can find out info about whether people are satisfied with the company’s service or not. People share their previous experiences to let you know what you could expect. As a result, they leave you a comment you could use as your guideline. Reading moving reviews is the chance to find it out the opinions of other users about the service they had. These opinions are valuable information because you can use them this way to sort the companies out. Furthermore, the advantages of people who read relevant reviews are huge. They are able to eliminate illegal moving companies. Undoubtedly, this is a way to avoid unwanted issues you may get in.

Test Florida moving companies reviews for yourself

After you’ve read all of the Florida moving companies reviews now it’s the time to make your top 10 list. Keep in mind that even though Florida moving companies’ reviews may all point to one moving company as the best one it doesn’t have to be the best one for you. So let’s compare moving companies that seem the best for you. Listen to your gut and choose only the companies that you’ll feel comfortable hiring for the list.

Now that you have your top 10 moving companies in Florida the next step is to test them. You can do that in various ways. And the more ways you use the more you’ll know for sure that Florida moving company is legitimate.

"Test" written on chalkboard
Before you choose which moving company you want to hire make sure you test them

You can, for example, find their addresses and go see for yourself if they look like they described it in Florida moving companies reviews. Or you can ask for a free on-site estimate. Every reliable moving company will provide you with one – I’m sure you’ve read that in reviews of moving companies in Florida. During the estimate pay attention to the behavior and expertise of the person that gives you the on-site estimate. Once you’re done with the relocation, you may want to join those writing Florida moving companies reviews in order to help people looking for legitimate movers in the future!

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