Deciding to move is a tough call. However, if you choose to do so, there are many things that may seem simple but are actually quite complicated. When you see the amount of stuff you have in your house, it can put you in a state of despair when thinking how to move everything. In this text we will walk you through some moving hacks you can use to make the job easier for yourself and also for your movers. For example, if you decide to relocate from NYC to the Sunshine State, try to follow this guide. This will create a stable moving process and environment, and deal with any hardships you encounter.

Moving hacks

After choosing the location of your liking, the next thing to do is packing. There are many ways to make packing easier, and the best one is to pack each room of your house, separately. This way you can keep track of all your things, and don’t mix them up. You can also add colored stickers to your boxes, each color designating each room. The first thing you should do is to get boxes, where you will put your stuff when packing. There are cheap boxes in many convenient stores or tool stores. You can even specify to the clerk that you need boxes for moving, and they will point you to the best ones. You can also use one box, in which you will put your moving supplies, and carry it around the house so you do not lose, for example, your scissors or your tape.

Moving your living room

Moving the living room is probably the hardest part of the packing process because it is usually the biggest room in the house. If you have a lot of tech appliances there, it would be smart to snap a picture of the wiring, so you can properly wire it the same way in your new home. You probably saved the boxes for your tech appliances, which contain Styrofoam, and that means that they will be secure. Put smaller boxes in one bigger box, and label it accordingly. If you have a bookshelf, you can put the books in one or two boxes, depending on their quantity. If you have paintings or picture frames in your room, you should put them in a wrap, in order to avoid breakage or scratches.

Put Styrofoam on your furniture legs, to avoid breaking, and also wrap the couch and chairs themselves, in order to avoid damage to the fabric.

Living room
Are you looking for hacks for moving your living room? You will find them here!

Moving your bedroom

Moving the bedroom is easy, apart from having to take the beds to the moving truck. Take your clothes, divide them in any way you like, and put them in plastic bags. You should then put them in a box designated for clothes and label it with a color. You can also roll the clothes instead of folding them, in order to save space. This is one of the best moving hacks around! When it comes to moving your bed, you should put styrofoam on the edges and the bed legs, so you avoid doing damage to them, and also other objects.

Bedroom – it can be hard to pack.

Moving your kitchen

The kitchen is filled with items that are not so space-forgiving. Pans with handles and other clunky items will make you consider this matter very carefully. Try to put as many smaller pans in bigger ones in order to save space. When it comes to moving plates, you should put rags or other soft materials in between them so they do not break. Also, consider wrapping the bundles of plates in a wrap and then putting them in plate-designated boxes. You can put your glasses in socks to give them padding, and you can put your knives in cooking gloves and secure them with rubber bands. Wrap your cutlery drawer in plastic wrap, or put the cutlery on a soft material and then wrap it and label it.

Wrap your cutlery in a wrap to secure it

Moving your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to pack during the moving process. Put the necessities and the first aid kit in one box, and make it accessible, so you can quickly use them, should the need arise. Take your bottles of liquid and put some plastic wrap under the cap, so you can avoid spilling. Put your razors and other sharp objects on towels and carefully wrap them and label them accordingly. The mirror can break easily during the truck driver to your new home, so you should take some tape, and place it on the mirror, so it does not break. You can also wrap it, in order to avoid scratches.

Bathroom - moving hacks
Put plastic wrap under the caps of liquid bottles to avoid spilling

Moving the garage

Your garage is a place where most of the tools and other electronics are. You should try to carefully wrap them in plastic wrap and put them inside boxes. Smaller tools will probably be in toolboxes so you can try to fill them as much as you can.  You can put smaller toolboxes inside the trunk of your car. This way, the price of moving can be diminished.

Choosing a reliable moving company

These moving hacks will only help you to some extent if you do not hire a reliable moving company. If you are planning on moving to Florida, you should give a chance to Orange Movers Miami, as they are one of the most reliable and best-reviewed companies. You must, by all means, do background checks on as many companies as you can, and check for reviews online. This way you can see which company will suit your needs.


It is important to know these moving hacks when you decide to move because they are designed and meant for the sole purpose of you moving your belongings easier. If you plan everything accordingly, the moving process will be a walk in the park. When you reach your destination, unpack and start living your new life as you imagined it. The world of opportunities awaits, you just need to seize the moment.

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