Moving is tough. According to some research, it is the top 5 most stressful situations for an average American. There are so many things that can go wrong, and it is almost impossible to go through it all without any stress. It is not just the process itself. It is about everything that it entails – You are not simply moving from one place to another, your whole life is being turned upside down. Still, you gotta to go, what you gotta do. It is important to stay positive and look on the bright side of the whole thing. You get a chance to start a new life. So, move step by step and it will all be alright. One of the most challenging questions during any move is how to relocate your glassware in a safe manner, so they can survive the road.

A truck and two people
Moving the company’s truck


Prepare the materials

Bubble wrap – This is probably the best protective solution you can use during packing.

Packing paper – This one you will use as the first line of defense for all of your breakables. Just make sure that you bought the one that won’t scratch the glass, but is rather smooth and soft.

Boxes – Obviously, you can’t pack without this one. Mix the standard cartoon boxes with thick walls with those specialized dish boxes. The specialized boxes provide more protection since they have cell dividers inside themselves. They are very useful since you can place the items individually so they don’t come in contact with each other.

Other protective materials – Old pieces of clothes, foam sheets, towels, even blankets can all be very useful as protective layers.

Inventory – This one is really important, even though it may not appear to be so. List all of your porcelain tea sets, your beer mugs, wine glasses, coffee cups, plates, and other breakables. Count everything twice, so you can be sure that that list is a complete one. Buy even more boxes than you think you need, so you can then carefully plan where each of those breakables goes.

Whether you are moving all of your things to your new home right away, or you are going to leave a part of them in a storage somewhere, like in U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, you have to pack them very carefully. And the packing materials are the most important thing if you are going to relocate your glassware in a safe manner. Even if you are storing them, you need to make sure they are safe.

scissors and sellotape that can help you in relocate your glassware in a safe manner
Make sure you have plenty of moving supplies


This is how you relocate your glassware in a safe manner

Preparing the boxes

Take those pieces of paper (remember, make sure that they are soft and smooth so they won’t scratch the delicate surfaces), scrunch them and fill the boxes’ bottom completely. The next step is to put several layers of paper on the scrunched paper. This will give you a makeshift bottom of sorts, which will be able to absorb even some of the biggest quakes. Different types of boxes are going to be more appropriate for different types of glassware, so analyze them in advance, and don’t be lazy to repack if it turns out that there is a better way to pack. Bear in mind that those items may stay in boxes for longer than a day or two (perhaps you found a safe place for your fragile belongings in some storage where they will be for while), so you want to make sure that they are very carefully packed.

Yellow boxes
There are different types of moving boxes

Wrapping the glasses

Next step is wrapping up each of the glasses one by one. This is perhaps the crucial step in the whole process because every item requires special attention. So, take a piece of packing paper and wind it around the glass and then insert all the leftover paper through the open end of the glass into it. Place it in the box and then repeat the process for all the glass-type items. Don’t pack them too close to each other, as they should be touching but not pressing against each other. Next, fill in the spaces between the glasses with more scrunched paper so they won’t move too much while your moving company is taking them to your new home. Follow these instructions to the last letter if you want to relocate your glassware in a safe manner.

Wrapping the dishes, bowls, and plates

Glass items are the most sensitive of the breakables, but other types of material like ceramics require special effort too. The boxes are of course to be filled with scrunched paper in the way we already explained above. When it comes to plates, things are simple. Put a piece of packing paper on that protective layer in the bottom of your box. Then place the item in the middle of it and pull from all the sides of it over the whole item. If it is too big for it to be covered by that one piece of paper, put an extra one over its top side.

Now, put some crunched paper over it until you make it even with the highest point of the packed item. This way you create the breathing room for the next one. Now repeat the process for the next item. Whenever possible, use bubble wrap and also double pack if you have enough materials.


Get a couple of permanent markers so you can label the boxes. Write warnings like “FRAGILE”, “BREAKABLE”, “WIELD WITH CAUTION” on the boxes. Mark which side is the top side and put an arrow writing or a sticker pointing in the right direction.

There are many other tips and tricks to make your moving day a successful process. When it comes to the most sensitive of items, follow these instructions and you will relocate your glassware in a safe manner along with all the other sensitive items.




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