For those used to living in a spacious home, moving into a small apartment might seem scary. There are many different reasons why people have to downsize their living space. For example, having to tighten their budget, or wishing to minimize their lifestyle. If this sounds like a good move for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Although it is a big change, living in a small apartment can feel even cozier and much more comfortable. In order to help you through your moving process, here’s some advice on how to downsize stress-free.

Moving into a small apartment means moving fewer things

Even though this seems logical, it is an important fact to highlight. Keep in mind that you won’t have as much space to store all your belongings in your smaller apartment. You have to admit, a cluttered apartment doesn’t feel as cozy as a well-organized one. If there’s so much stuff laying around, it may feel stressful and it ruins the whole point of downsizing.

Organize a yard or a garage sale

This is a good idea if you realize you have way too much stuff in your home. Since you can’t move them all, it would be a shame if they ended up in a trashcan. Make a smart choice of what to keep and what to include in the sale. Your old lamp or a too-big dining room set might make another person happy. Also, additional cash won’t hurt, and you could use this money to decorate your new apartment or treat yourself to a much-needed weekend retreat! Of course, if you wanted to, you could always just donate things before you move, not only furniture but also old clothes, books or even food!

a yard sale sign
Consider selling or donating things you no longer need.

Your moving estimate will be lower

Fewer belongings mean fewer moving trucks, therefore, you get to save money again. When you finish going through all the things you’re moving, the pile of boxes gets smaller. Not only that but the amount of furniture you’re bringing to the new apartment will probably be lower as well. All of this contributes to less work for your moving company, and the movers themselves. Therefore, pick a good moving company for your own needs – not all of them will suit you!

Choose a proper storage facility

So, you’ve gone through with the yard sale, but you still have furniture that simply can’t fit into your new apartment. Whether it is a family heirloom or just things you are sentimentally attached to, it’s okay to keep them. Even though they can’t come with you to the apartment, there is still a place they can go to. A good storage unit is an excellent option for excess stuff. Do your research, and choose a facility which will suit all your needs, and move into your small apartment without worrying.

Be picky when choosing a small apartment

Moving into a small apartment may seem overwhelming. However, you can solve almost half of your problems just by picking a proper place to live in. The pool to choose from is enormous, but here are a few simple things to consider when looking at small apartments:

  • Pick a good apartment layout: think about your own needs and the needs of your family. For example, the number of rooms you require and the size of each of them. Also, try and imagine your day-to-day life in the new apartment. Will you keep running into your housemates all the time because the hallway is too narrow? Will the kitchen be too small for everyone? Should you pick an apartment with a balcony or not? These are just a few examples of what you have to keep in mind.
  • Consider apartments which have a lot of natural light. This will make the apartment seem bigger and cozier, and therefore, more pleasant for living in. If your new small apartment lacks windows which let sunlight in, paint the walls in light, neutral colors. These colors open the space up and the rooms seem bigger and brighter.
  • Location is everything: remember to carefully think about the daily life and your routines and habits. If possible, choose an apartment closer to your office, because it will save you a lot of time spent on the daily commute. See if there is a gym nearby, a dog park, or even good schools for the kids. You will probably be spending time outside a lot since you’re moving into a small apartment. Staying inside for a long time will not feel good, and it is crucial to have activities near your home.
a living room after moving into a small apartment
Bright rooms make the apartment so much nicer!

Think what’s more useful than what looks nice when it comes to furniture

Nowadays, there are so many creative ways in which furniture can be used. Like picking a storage unit, a good piece of furniture should have some kind of storage as well. Your nearby furniture store probably has those coffee tables under which you can store spare blankets, pillows or even magazines. Not only that, but there are also pull-out sofas which can be used as a spare bed when you have guests. Also, there are the Murphy beds which double as shelves. They hang on the wall, and pose as regular shelves, but can be lowered down and used for sleeping as well. So, there are tons of innovative (and still cute!) options out there that will save you money and space at the same time.

a desk with a pc
Find furniture that has multiple uses.

Moving into a small apartment is not easy, but no moving process is. Even if you’re moving to a small rental apartment, there are still things you could do to make it feel like home. Stay organized and make a simple checklist to remind you of things to keep in mind. It may seem a bit hectic and stressful at first, but you’re bound to feel so relieved after you move. You will own fewer things and your life will be much more simple. Check out how other people felt about moving into a small apartment, and pick up other tips and tricks!

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