Although moving can seems like a simple relocating from one point to another, it is much more for many people. Moving the entire household brings so many changes in our life. When it comes to moving, we are usually looking for help. One of the best ways to go through the moving process as easy as possible is to hire a reliable moving company to help. For this reason, avoiding potential moving scams has become a crucial concern for the millions of people moving each year. Not only they could offer you a price too good to be true but also they can ruin all your plans if you hire them. Our moving experts from USA Moving Reviews are here to remind you of the red flags you need to avoid. We know what you going through. That is why we compiled knowledge and experience to help you.

Recognize moving scams and avoid being ripped off

Sometimes the things are more than obvious. Recognizing fraudulent movers seems like an easy game. Otherwise, if you have been occupied with packing and planning your move, you can easily become a victim of scammers. Although we all want an easy and quick solution, we need to remember it can be tricky. Is there any advice to choose the right moving company? You need to recognize red flags when choosing movers. For example, if the movers demand cash or a large deposit before the move, stay away from them. As we mention, if you are not careful enough, you are still in danger. How to prevent and avoid dealing with moving scams? You can do it by researching and asking the right moving questions in advance. Follow the next tips and you won’t fall on suspicious offers.

If there is no other payment method except cash, this could be a sign of a scam.

Moving scammers usually give you a low estimate price

If you just get the best price ever over the phone, instead of saved money you can get a horrible scenario. Scammers could hold your belongings as a hostage and ask you to pay more money to get your possession back. Unusually low estimates aren’t one of the traits of a reliable moving company. First and foremost, remember to skip estimates over the phone. On-site estimates are more precise. Additionally, this is an opportunity to make sure you are dealing with a reliable moving company. Most of the reputable movers have their own branded company trucks and uniforms. The lack of those details will force you to check how reliable your potential movers are. Check this out and avoid dealing with scammers.

Moving scams
A scammer will give you one low price during your phone call, only to quote a completely different price once it’s time to pay up.

Do your research

Before you sign any commitment and hire a moving company, take time to carefully read the customer reviews. Don’t be fooled by good-looking websites and fake flawless reviews. Be wise and check for complaints when you visit the Better Business Bureau’s website. One more sign to look out for frauds is if the movers don’t have a website at all. Or if you find it, but without any information about licensing or insurance. You should know that it is required by law that all moving companies have their USDOT number listed visibly on their website. This is the government’s way to ensure that people who move will be using the services of a high-quality company and to prevent moving scams. So ask your mover about their licensing information.

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