There are a lot of things to consider when moving, as this is no simple process. You are moving your entire home. You are changing your surroundings. And everyone needs an adjustment period. But, when moving to Boston during the school year you need to be extra involved and attentive. Especially when it comes to the adjustment period of your children. Not only will they be changing their home. They will also be changing their school and their habits. And if you don’t do it right, you can cause them to fall behind in school. Hence, their grades will degrade.

Pros of moving to Boston during the school year

While it might seem hard for your child to adjust, there are some benefits to moving to Boston during the school year. First of all, children are very sociable. And moving during the school year might be the best way for them to make new friends. Not only will they remain in contact with old friends from school, but they will also have plenty of time to make new friends before the school year is over. Adjustment period might be hard at first. But, arriving in a new school in the middle of the school year will give them an extra boost. They will be the new kid in school. And other kids will be interested in getting to know them. It’s a great confidence boost.

Cons of moving during the school year

There are also some negative effects of moving to Boston during a school year. After every relocation people need some time to get used to the new environment. And when talking about children, they need to get used to so much more. While kids are very adjustable, the first few weeks can be really tough. And that can cause them to start falling behind in school. Their grades might fall. And if not encouraged, they might not want to accept their new living situation.

Pros and cons boxes of moving to Boston during the school year.
There are both pros and cons of moving to Boston during the school year.

You can help

There are many ways in which you can help your kid adjust to the new situation. You need to remember that the first few weeks are going to be hardest for your child. And they will need a lot of support. And all delays and stressed moments during the move can negatively impact them. So, make sure you find a reputable moving company, like Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston. That way you can spend less time worrying about moving, and more time supporting your child. Communication and quality time is very important at this stage.

Before the move

It’s important to set aside some time to prepare yourself and your family for moving. It’s important to have open conversations with everyone. And make sure to do your research on the new town or neighborhood. Get to know the school system and extracurricular activities that are available there. If your child plays a sport, make sure you find a suitable replacement there.

Talk to them before you move

It’s important to remember to talk to your family before moving to Boston during the school year. While it might not be possible to postpone the move, you should still hear them out. Talk about the difficulties that you will all be facing at first. And find creative ways of dealing with them. Talk about your new home and all the benefits that it will bring. And make sure to reassure your children that they will be able to stay in touch with their current friends.

A close up of a boy wearing a cap.
Talk to your kids and help them adjust to the change.

Research schools in your location

Several months prior to moving, make it your task to start researching and touring schools in your new city or neighborhood. Make sure to find the school that suits your children the best. Make sure to get some information on school activities and ways which can help your child adjust to the new city.

Gather notes, letters, and recommendations from current teachers

When preparing to send your child’s school records, make sure you ask certain teachers and other school staff to write notes and letters of recommendation for your child. It will help the new teachers get them up to speed faster.

Transfer official transcripts and academic materials

Once you have everything that you need, notify the current school to transfer all official transcripts to the new school. They should include report cards and test scores. As well as letters of recommendation and information about extracurricular activities.

Host a goodbye party for your child and their friends

Losing all their friends at a young age can be very difficult for a child. They’ve gotten used to certain kids and it’s important to maintain that connection. So, make sure you host a goodbye party when moving to Boston during the school year. This is especially important when relocating to a distant town as your kid probably won’t see their friends again for a long time. If ever again. Over time they will adjust, but for the moment, your child needs to be reassured that they will all stay in touch.

Balloons in the air.
Gather all of your child’s friends and host a goodbye party.

After the move

After you’ve moved comes the really hard part. And that is helping your child adjust to the new circumstances. The new school will be difficult. And making new friends is a scary process for everyone. So, make sure you are there to provide support and proper guidance.

First impressions

First impressions are important. Both when it comes to teachers and other kids at the school. So, make sure you prepare your child for their first day of school. Go shopping. Buy new school supplies and nice clothes. It will boost your child’s confidence. Talk about the first day of school. And make sure to be there if things don’t go as planned. The first few weeks will be hard both for you and your child. But, don’t worry too much, it will all pass.

Meet other parents

When moving to Boston during a school year it’s important to meet other parents as soon as possible. So, go to the parent meetings and engage yourself. You will get useful information about the school, kids, and activities as well as make new friends yourself. It will be much easier to schedule playdates and engage your child in all the social activities in the area.

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