When moving there’s always so much to do. That’s why it’s advisable to have professional moving help by your side during a move. Movers all across the country offer all sorts of moving-related services. That means that you can expect a lot of help from the movers you hire. However, you have to be mindful when choosing movers. Nationwide movers reviews can help you learn more about the US movers as well as the services they offer. Trust your fellow countrymen, but also make sure to evaluate your own wants and needs before you hire movers. Also, keep in mind that not all people require the same services. It’s up to you to decide which ones of the moving services nationwide moving companies offer are the ones that you need.

Think about what you want and need

Moving companies understand how hard moving can be. That’s why they make sure to offer all sorts of services their clients might need. What more, many companies can handle complete moves. However, not everyone needs every single service. For example, if you live in a small apartment that’s easy to pack you might not need movers’ help to pack. But services being so numerous, it’s sometimes hard to know what to pick. Because of that, it might be smart to explore the options and choose the moving services you need the most before giving a call to movers.

A woman looking at the services nationwide moving companies offer on her laptop.
Make sure you know what you need before getting in touch with movers!

Since most nationwide movers offer the same services, make sure to first choose a reputable company

To protect yourself from moving scams it’s always best to make sure that the company you’re hiring is a tried and tested option that many people love. Luckily, such companies exist and often have very long lists of available services. So once you know what you need it’s time to look for reputable companies. After you’ve found several credible companies you can look into what they offer.

One great way to pair the two is to find movers through companies like USA Moving Reviews. Companies like this only work with genuine experts with a lot of satisfied customers. On top of that, they already know which companies offer what so they’re ready to match customers with companies that would fit them well. So if you’re feeling particularly lazy, know that there are professionals out there that would be more than happy to do all the work for you.

Make sure your company of choice offers what you need

There are many services nationwide moving companies offer. Some of these services are standard and are offered by most companies, while others are rarer and more unusual. Keep in mind that you can always hire different companies for different services. However, that’s only advisable if a company you really like for most services doesn’t really offer one or two services you need. In that case, it’s a good idea to hire more than one company. Other than that it’s always best to stick with one company. But how to know if a company offers exactly what you need? To answer that question you have to visit their website. Company websites are the most accurate sources of information. There you’ll find plenty of information on what they offer and the company itself.

The basic services nationwide moving companies offer

As mentioned before, there are some moving services that most nationwide moving companies offer. These services include:

  • Local moving. People hire movers for this particular service when they’re looking to move within a radius of 100 miles. Most companies offer this service. There are even companies that just do the local moving.
  • Long-distance moving. Long-distance moving is very time-consuming and demanding. Because of that, not all companies offer this service, but many do. In the US, long-distance moving is the most requested moving service and includes any move that’s longer than 100 miles.
  • Residential moving. People ask for this service when moving home. Pretty much all companies offer this service. This is, after all, what most people think when they say moving.
  • Commercial moving. commercial moving is focused on moving businesses. Not all companies offer this particular service, but many do. Some companies specialize solely in commercial moving since it’s very hard to master.
  • Packing services. Packing is in the realm of its own. It’s a supplementary service, but one that’s most commonly requested. That’s why pretty much all companies offer packing services.
  • Storage services. There are many companies that offer just storage services. However, there are also many moving companies that offer storage options. This service usually goes hand in hand with other moving services, but some people simply hire moving companies for their storage.
A movers closing a moving box.
Packing is one of the most common moving services!

Keep in mind that there are also full-service movers. These movers do everything for you from bringing packing supplies to pack to disposing of them once they unpack you. And they’ll also handle everything in between. These types of movers are the best choice for those hoping to invest as little time and energy into moving. This is usually available within all moving types, local, long-distance, residential, and commercial.

Miscellaneous moving services some moving companies offer

Miscellaneous moving services usually include moving everyday things that require extra work and effort. These things require special expertise and equipment that not all companies have. That is not to say that companies that don’t offer those services are bad in any way. They just don’t specialize in moving that particular item. The most common miscellaneous moving services are:

  • Pet moving
  • Car moving
  • Piano moving
  • Antique moving
  • Art moving

Another service that not all companies offer is international moving. This type of moving is very demanding. That’s why not many companies do it. It’s very costly and it requires having contracts with shipping companies. Still, many companies offer international moving as a service if that’s something you’re interested in.

A piano.
Piano moving is not one of the services nationwide moving companies offer, but luckily, some companies offer services like piano moving!

All the services you might need by nationwide moving companies

If there’s a service that you need for your move, there’s probably a company out there that offers it. However, if the service you need is particularly unusual it’s probably not among the services nationwide moving companies offer. Still, if you look hard enough or go through a reputable pairing company, you may find exactly what you need. That said, make sure that the company you choose also offers quality basic services. After all, moving is an experience and all moving services participate in it.

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