December is one of the busiest seasons of the year thanks to Christmas getting closer. If you plan to move this December, some of the best destinations to move to are found on USA Moving Reviews. One such destination is Connecticut. Despite the pandemic, there are still plenty of things to do in Connecticut this December after moving. So get some of the reliable moving companies to help you move and make plans for your winter.

hiking as one of the things to do in Connecticut in December
Walking through the woods is one of the best things to do in Connecticut this December

Connecticut in December

People who live there say that the winters are not so harsh as they used to be before. You can see some heavy snow after December, but still, there are lots of things to do here in the snow. Therefore, start reading moving companies in CT reviews so you can get here with your family as soon as possible. Ice skating in Greenwich is one of the most popular fun you can get. In addition, avid skiers like making a trek up to Upper New England in Quebec.

Other things to do in Connecticut

Of course, most of the fun activities are about the snow.

people walking through the landscape
Wandering through the nature of Connecticut is a great way to spend a day

The usual way to spend a nice winter afternoon in Connecticut is to wander around snowy woods. As hiking is very popular in this neighborhood, If you are still thinking about moving to Connecticut, check out some of the most beautiful hiking paths next to the Ice Falls at Valley Falls in Rockville. In addition, do the research on Naugatuck State Forest, near Naugatuck in Connecticut.

Some of the best places to visit in New England

The first on the list to visit is Gillette Castle, as this is one of the most unique places in the world. Secondly, Mystic Connecticut is one of the best places to enjoy seafaring. The city of Hartford is a very interesting place to stay and experience a walking history tour. In addition, Windsor Locks, one of the most interesting places to visit in The New England Air Museum.

Great things to do with kids in Connecticut this December

During the Christmas season, kids can see amazing Christmas decorations in Fantasy of Lights, New Haven or, Magic of Lights in Wallingford. Your children will enjoy Connecticut seeing live reindeer at the Greenwich Reindeer Festival. In addition, a Christmas Town Festival in Bethlehem includes photographing with Santa, children’s crafts, a scavenger hunt, tree lightings, and much more.

More December fun in Connecticut

If you missed doing some Christmas shopping, you can do it in the Greenwich Avenue shopping district. If you prefer some hand-made gifts, you can find them on the numbers of Connecticut flea markets. Apart from outdoor activities, there are also some popular indoor activities. Ax throwing or Connecticut tea rooms all around the state where you can enjoy.

As you can see, there are definitely plenty of things to do in Connecticut this December. Depending on the type of activities you prefer, do a little research on Connecticut activities so you can have a December to remember.

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