During a relocation process, it is normal that sometimes things won’t go as you had in mind. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone at any time. This is especially the case during a stressful process of relocating to a new environment. For example, you can hire a Chicago moving company without reading their Chicago movers reviews. In doing so, you will initially most likely believe your company is reliable and that you agree on most terms. However, it is highly probable that you simply won’t agree on the services they offer. Also, the price may not match your initial agreement. 

Why you should read Chicago movers reviews closely and carefully 

Understandably, you probably want to avoid having to deal with similar uncomfortable situations. Therefore, you should do your best to recognize a relevant moving review before you choose a moving company. In doing so, you will be able to prevent any kind of misunderstandings or disputes with your movers. However, even if an unpleasant situation arises, you should know how to solve it in the best possible way. Because of this, we made a list of simple tips on how to handle disputes with your movers. Hopefully, if you follow them closely, they can help you overcome any difficulty you encounter. 

Make sure you do your research beforehand!

Why you should always check your contract before you do anything about a potential dispute 

It goes without saying that you should always carefully read the contract before you sign it. However, there are always issues which no one can predict. This can happen even when you are only doing a local move. Because of this, most people tend to overlook or disregard some parts of their contract. Therefore, it would be best to first go back to where you started and read the contract once again. Namely, this is the very first thing you should do when you start handling disputes with movers.  

How to approach re-reading your moving contract 

Firstly, you should carefully review the whole document once again. You should put special emphasis on the terms which the moving company gave you. In doing so, you could find useful information that will help you solve the issues you have with them. Notably, every company has its own approach to handling complaints. Often times, these approaches are pretty similar to one another. However, you should still make sure you know how your company approaches their complaints. Also, make sure you ask for these specific guidelines for complaints in your contract. Since the cost of hiring a professional moving company isn’t the lowest, they should do their best to avoid making any additional costs for you. Because of this, you shouldn’t be afraid of questioning their decisions. 

re-reading Chicago movers reviews
Go back and read the contract once again

In case some of your belongings sustained damage during the relocation process, you may be able to find useful information. For example, your contract may state that you need to notify your movers as soon as you notice any kind of damage. Also, it will most likely state that you should file a claim in a certain time period. This is another part of the contract which varies depending on which moving company you choose. Namely, the most common time periods include anywhere within nine months of the relocation. Additionally, the amount of money that you can claim is usually an important part of a contract. Therefore, make sure you read the Chicago movers reviews online and find out more from previous home movers.  

Make sure you keep the handling of any dispute as friendly as possible

Before you file for any kind of claim, it would be best to try and solve the dispute on your own. Specifically, you should try and talk to your movers. In doing so, you may be able to solve it in a nice friendly and calm way. After all, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Therefore, try approaching the movers with a good calm talk.

A friendly approach is always the best

You may be surprised as it turns out to be more effective than filing for a claim. While a phone call isn’t a bad approach, meeting them and discussing the issue in person will always be better, and you should always know how much should you tip your movers. Namely, handling a dispute with your movers will always be more beneficial for both sides if you do it one on one. This means always in person and without involving any other parties. Afterward, if you still aren’t happy with the results, it is time you file a written complaint.  

How to write and file a complaint letter instead of Chicago moving reviews

In case the damage to your belongings requires compensation, a complaint letter is almost inevitable. This is because the movers probably failed to fulfill all the services you agreed upon in the beginning. Therefore, you should write a complaint letter and submit it to the moving company. If you aren’t sure how to approach writing a complaint letter, you should do the following. Namely, it would be best to make it brief and as accurate as possible. However, make sure you do not exaggerate in any way. In this way, your letter of complaint will be accepted as more serious. Also, make sure you are polite and professional, but definitely still be firm and determined. Keep in mind that being pushy is never the answer! Along with this, you should never be rude, since it won’t help your case in any way. 

What to do if your moving company declines your complaint appeal 

On the other hand, if your moving company declines your written complaint, you should take extra measures. Namely, if your company does not want to resolve the issue, you should look into getting support from another party. Luckily for you, there are both government and non-government organizations you can choose. They will help you resolve any issue by dealing with your moving company directly. In any case, make sure you read loads of Chicago movers reviews since they will help you make the best decision for you! 

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