Moving is not something many people look forward to. It is the actual process of moving that is quite daunting due to all the obligations that come with it. Hence many hire professional movers to help them organize and handle everything. But what are the movers that you should choose? Deciding what is the best moving company is not easy either. You need to pay attention to detail and make sure that you can trust them. Fortunately for you, there are some traits that you can check before deciding to hire a particular moving company. There are moving companies reviews on the Internet, and we highly recommend basing your search on them.

Knowing what is the best moving company will help you during your research

In order to know what is the best moving company, you need to understand which traits make it become one. For example, some key traits can be found in the following list:

  • Reliability: A good moving company is reliable, but the best moving company is always reliable. You need to know if you can trust your moving company. The easiest way to check the traits of reliable international moving companies is by checking the online reviews. There are many companies and many reviews. We are certain you will find this statistical information there.
  • Precision: The best moving companies are always precise. By this, we mean the degree of quality of your move and how well it is organized. Precision is very important and the best moving companies make mistakes very rarely. You can also find more information about how precise a company is online.
two people shaking hands in an office with a laptop and some notebooks representing finding what is the best moving company
Precision is the key when deciding what is the best moving company
  • Professionalism: It is of the utmost importance that a moving company is professional. Only then you can call it the best moving company for you. Professional movers work as a team to make sure that your move goes according to plan. Needless to say, the professionals will always put you, the customer, in the first place. However, some of them are not as professional as they should be. Check for more information and make the decision on your own. Trustworthy interstate moving companies are not hard to find, but you should always double-check!

Check for their legitimacy

The best moving companies must have some documents that prove their legitimacy. These are the ones you should look for:

  • License and insurance: Many moving companies will have neither of these, but will have lower prices. Do not allow yourself to be tricked by this! Research their website thoroughly! Moreover, if you are hiring interstate movers, search for their U.S DOT number on the FMCSA’s site. Having this information is very useful just in case you need to file claims against them afterward.
  • Credentials: There are institutions that will help you verify whether a company is reliable. These are the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association. Make sure you can find the company on their sites, and that the company has a good rating.
A calculator, a pen and a piece of paper laying on a table
Take into account all the charges that may come with moving

Additional costs and fees

When we are talking about these two elements we are referring to estimates. Although moving companies generally offer estimates, do learn more about the specifics. Do they offer free in-home estimates? Are the estimates binding or non-binding? A binding estimate tells you exactly how much you will pay for the move. On the other hand, non-binding estimates are not that precise. This means that the cost of your relocation will vary depending on the circumstances during the move. Furthermore, some companies will also ask you to pay a deposit. If they do, inquire about it before making your final decision. Finally, be aware that many companies also have contracts that contain stipulations for some additional costs. Here are some to look for:

  • size and weight of the items to be moved
  • the rates of shipment they offer
  • driving or fuel costs
  • refund policies (best moving companies generally offer refunds)

Keep this in mind when looking for the best moving company

While any moving company will be more than happy to provide a relocation service, you need to understand that some are simply better than others. The best way to do so is to either ask around or to check online reviews. Both methods work, but you should do one after the other. For example, you should consult your friends and family and search for their recommendations online. If you are happy with the potential service, then call that company and plan your move. You are in no rush, remember that! One does not choose the best moving company for them every day.

a couple entering a house carrying boxes
Check out the reviews when deciding on the best moving company for you

Compare and inquire

Another thing you can do is to make sure that you hire the best movers. For instance, you should make a list and compare statistics there. The easiest way to do so is to make a comparison sheet and to compare traits. For example, make a list that has the previously highlighted elements. Make sure that your moving company has every trait on a satisfactory level. Another good piece of advice would be to think of and write down all the important questions you may have. It will make your life easier! The best moving company will give you the much needed answers. So as to be sure you know all that is important, there is a text on your moving rights that is quite useful.

Hopefully, all these information will assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about what is the best moving company for you. It is certainly a lot to consider and it may look quite overwhelming. However, if you follow our guide, we are more than positive that you will figure it out in the end. Many have gone through this before. After all, remember that, in the end, it is your move you know best what suits you!

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