Moving for the first time? Or moving again? In both cases, moving is more than replacing your items to a new home. As the moving date comes near, the pressure gets stronger. And you are the only person who is responsible for controlling your stress level. Consequently, you need to find ways to stay relaxed and focused on your moving plan. But one thing is for sure, moving can turn into a nightmare. The main reason for the bad scenario is the wrong choice of moving company. Instead of deciding on first sight you need to pick BBB accredited movers. Reading this article will help you to realize how important this is. Even the Better Business Bureau encourages people to be mindful of moving misfortunes. Take time and read about us to make sure you are in the right place. Our goal is to help you in every way.

Hire BBB accredited movers

Before hiring a reliable moving company make sure it is a BBB accredited moving provider. As they are ways how to check if a moving company is legitimate, there are ways to check for accreditation. Accreditation is a clear sign that movers you have selected cares about its public image. Moreover, it means that accredited movers willing to provide better customer-oriented moving service. Having BBB ensures you a better and safer move.

Make sure the company is BBB accredited.

Why it is so important to hire a BBB accredited movers?

The Better Business Bureau is well-known by sets high ethical standards for business conduct. And then these standards are used as a benchmark for rating local business. When you hire BBB accredited movers, you know that you can count on their commitment to trust. It means moving company is legal and regulatory compliance, honest advertising, privacy standards, and integrity. Here at USA Moving Reviews, we are aware of how important this is. And our goal is to remind you what you could expect if you do not pay attention to this fact.

BBB accredited movers
BBB provides the customer with enough information about companies.

Be careful of these moving misfortunes

Founded in 1912, BBB stands to be one of the best consumer trusted sources. Moreover, more than 40% of Americans turn to the Better Business Bureau when faced with a dilemma with a provider. Even BBB encourages people to be mindful of these moving misfortunes:

Fly-by-night movers- Those movers show up in an unmarked rental truck instead of in a clearly marked company-owned fleet truck. As most professional movers wear uniforms and use marked vehicles, it is obvious that this could be a trap. If you don’t want to get dealing with movers like this, make sure they are BBB accredited movers.

Holding your items hostage: The relocation seems to be going smoothly until you arrive at your new apartment. Suddenly the movers demand extra money before releasing your belongings from storage. Nobody wants a scenario like this.

Conniving contractors: Those are movers who try to gain the trust of clients. Moreover, they know how to persuade them that there is no need for a written contract. And then something goes wrong while the move, the movers denies responsibility. Unfortunately, they leaving you on the hook for costs and damages. Or they claiming the higher price was verbally agreed to before moving. So they will demand more money.

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