Moving across the Pond, I see? Good, good! Moving abroad is rewarding in so many ways. The sheer fact that you are going to live somewhere else gives us enough information to presume that your life has taken a turn for the good. Otherwise, we can think of really so few reasons to leave the beautiful country of ours. We are living in the promised land, after all. This is the land that thousands of people from across the world dream about moving to. The land of opportunity, as they would put it. However, the world is a large place. It offers so many different tastes, feels, and experiences. Why miss it? Therefore, if you are looking for the best places in England for your family, we are very supportive of it. So much so, that we have gathered a list of those places, just for you. Enjoy your move!

Red phonebooth
If you have been seeing them in the photos only so far, prepare to see a bunch of them on a daily basis

What to do before the move

Before we go any further, we have to address one aspect of the move that is very important, but people tend to neglect. We need to take a look at the things that you should check before the move. If you miss some of them, you may find out that some of your utility bills kept on arriving on your name even after you have left. Therefore, be mindful of these aspects of the move while you are looking for the best places in England for your family:

  • Cancel utilities.
  • Take the final meter readings.
  • Sell your car.

Canceling utilities

Make sure to cancel utilities before you move to one of the best places in England for families. If you fail to do so, you may keep on paying the bills without living in your old home. Furthermore, just imagine having to pay the bills for someone else who has moved into your previous apartment or a house after you have moved out. And all of this just because you failed to cancel your utilities. This, should not be you. Be smart about moving, cancel all subscriptions before you leave and get familiar with moving hacks.

Gas gauge
Make sure to cancel all utilities before the move

Meter readings

Take the final meter readings. Before you would move out, write down meter readings. You should get in touch with your providers on each of these subjects and let them know the status on each meter. This will ensure that they do not overcharge you for someone else’s usage. Speaking of paying for someone else’s usage, make sure to avoid moving scams when moving to one of the best places in England.

Selling your car before moving to one of the best places in England for families

If you own the car, sell it. Some people would rather leave their car with their parents or friends for safekeeping. While this is a good idea if you are moving away for a few months, it is not something that we would recommend doing if you are moving to some of the best places in England for a longer period. Therefore, get the situation with your car sorted out before you move. 

The above mentioned three are actions that you should make sure to take. However, unexpected problems can still be handled. Therefore, do not despair if you forget about any of them. It may take a while, but you can handle them.

Welcome to England

All right, now that we have got that part of the move off of our chest, let’s take a look at what are the best places in England for families. We must point out that has played a great role in helping us come up with our list. Obviously, it is probably not going to match your expectations 100%. However, it is going to be 100% genuine for sure. We have taken the following criteria into account:

  • Great school availability.
  • Security.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Housing costs.


The first city that we are going to talk about is Stoke-on-Trent. 

Stoke is the city that is comprised of six towns. It is a popular commuter center where families that look for good value-for-money ratio reside in. It is located in between Birmingham and Manchester and offers great connections to both cities. Housing in this city is among the most affordable in the county. Furthermore, good education opportunities are available if you are relocating to Stoke with your family. Therefore, choose wisely and take Stoke-on-Trent into a serious consideration.


Birmingham is a beautiful city that is experiencing a second youth due to development that has been on for twenty years now. These twenty years have influenced it in such a way that today, Birmingham is a modern hub attracting people from all over the country to move here. No matter whether you are into tranquil walks by a canal or into a nice dinner in very good restaurants, Birmingham has a lot to offer. Job opportunities and great education options are available in Birmingham, which puts it on our list. Bear in mind that you are going to need to pack efficiently for your move. Therefore, make sure to have your essentials box well-packed.

Birmingham, one of the best places in England for your family
Welcome to Birmingham, England’s capital of canals



Heading towards the North now, we find ourselves in a wonderful city of Leeds. Located in Yorkshire, Leeds offers amazing views of the countryside located in one of the country’s top historical counties. In terms of educational opportunities, we feel that it is very important to let you know that there are three universities located in the city center. Speaking of options, eh? Making the right choice of what to study can be one of your most difficult choices you will have to make in Leeds. Still, the city remains affordable for living and studying. With great cultural offer and nightlife choices, it is no wonder why Leeds is kept in so high regard. Leeds is truly one of the best places in England to move to with your family.

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