Moving is stressful, regardless if it is long-distance or a local move. You need to do so many things and time is of the essence. Packing everything, loading, and then later unpacking and settling in. You need to adapt to your new surroundings, potentially find a new job in your area, a new school for the kids. Then there’s the trouble of fitting everything into a limited time window. Can you pack everything on time? Will your items arrive at the new destination when you need them to? It’s definitely not easy. This is why you need to leave your goods in the hands of the professionals. Reliable movers who won’t let you down and will approach the move with care and efficiency. Here, we have taken the time to list the best rated national moving companies on the market.

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Make sure to find the best movers for your every need

Make sure you get the insurance even from the best rated national moving companies

You deserve the best, and these companies are just that. In this list, we have taken into consideration things such as licensing and insurance, company experience, quality of service, and customer reviews. These national moving companies offer their services across the nation with different capacities. If you are planning to move, it can be challenging to find the best mover as often times you have to start your search from scratch. Our list will save you the much valued time, and most importantly nerves. You are looking for a company with experience and reputation, good staff, and reasonable pricing. Do not worry, as these really are the best rated national moving companies. But, before we continue, there are a few things you need to know first.

What makes a national moving company the best?

In your search, you will come across many moving companies willing to offer their services to you. Your decision on which mover to choose needs to be based on preparation. These preparations include gathering basic but important information regarding a company. The factors below are also what this list is based on:

  • Operating license – A reliable national moving company must have a license issued by the state. This applies to interstate movers the most since the license regulations vary from state to state. The easiest way to see if a company owns a license is to visit the US Department of Transportation website.
  • Experience – The longer a company has been around, the more experience in the field they have. Often, the knowledge of the crew outweighs the equipment that is used.
  • Insurance – Moving insurance is something you must have. Movers which do not offer it should be avoided. With good insurance, you will save yourself a lot of trouble if something goes wrong.

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    Good research will save you a lot of time and money
  • Online reviews – The internet has so much information to offer, so it is only natural that you check for reviews online. Social media sites are a good way to check a companies reputation. Another great way to check their ratings is the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind though, that bad reviews aren’t the final verdict, what’s important is how the company handles them.
  • Pricing rates – The price is usually the most important factor when choosing a mover. Many companies have a lot of hidden fees or offer surprisingly low rates. These can often be signs of a moving scam. Be informed about different prices depending on the season of the year, as well as fuel fees. Always ask for an in-house estimate when hiring movers.

What are the best rated national moving companies?

Now that you know what to look for in a company, it is time to read up and meet the professionals willing to make your dream move a reality. Read about them, what sets them apart from the others, and choose the company that suits you best.

Moving APT

Catering to consumer needs since 1999, Moving APT comes out on top of the list of reliable movers. They are well known for their professional services, responsibility, and reliability. Offering long-distance, cross-country, and local moves, Moving APT has been able to maintain their place at the top when it comes to professional movers. Dedicated to meeting every need of the client with packing, unpacking, loading, or any other request they may have. With experienced staff who possess both old-school and modern tricks and technologies, they really live up to the label of the best rated national moving company. You can contact Moving APT both in-person and online.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving is one of the best rated national moving companies

Wheaton Wordwide Moving was founded back in 1945 and since then has evolved into one of the largest companies in the world. Starting small in Ohio, through 50 years they grew to what is now a giant in the moving industry, with over 4000 staff members covering 250 locations across the United States. What sets Wheaton apart from other companies is its policy of providing a greener solution to their clients, and thus reducing their environmental footprint. Boasting an advanced shipment tracking system, they offer a reliable and trustworthy experience to their customers.

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The best nationwide movers can do local and long-distance moves

Mayflower Transit

Mayflower has been around the longest. Starting their service all the way back in 1927, and currently own over 600 branches across the world. They offer both interstate and international moves at a low cost. Over the years, Mayflower Transit has delivered great moving services to both regular and business clients. “Precise Track” and MayTrack” are two of the company’s special tracking systems, which offer real-time, reliable, and accurate information on the item status. A well-trained crew of movers will help in all steps of the move, from packing to unloading.

United Van Lines

A bit younger than Mayflower Transit, United was founded in 1928. Located in Missouri, they offer full-service moving along with storage facility and container services. There are over 400 agents ready to help with both local and international moving. They are the first moving company to use electronic order registration. United Van Lines has a broad specter of services that meet the client’s every wish. They cover all states except for Hawaii, which puts them in the lead when it comes to coverage. With a large fleet of trucks and vans, moving with United is a breeze.

Flat Rate Moving​

Flat Rate moving​ has been in service since 1991, helping customers with moving anything from a small studio to a large office. With great online reviews, they offer a cheap and reliable service. Through the years, their service has been nothing but professional thanks to great crew members who work fast and with care. From local moves to specialized services for valuable items, with the option to purchase high-quality packing materials from them. With good pricing and service, they are the other New York’s Finest.

How to trust the best national moving companies reviews?

When it comes to trusting Online reviews, there are several rules you should follow. For example, did you know that not all reviews are legitimate? By this, we mean that some people might abuse the power to leave truthful reviews and make false ones to either help or harm a moving company in question. There are some methods to distingush them, however. Thus, keep an eye out for:

  • Spam reviews. Some fake reviews will come in form of spam. What is spam? This is repetitive commenting by a select individual who is leaving false comments. No one will post more than one review in any case. Thus, keep an eye out for spam.
  • Overly-personalized reviews. It is very important to see this on time, especially if you are looking at national movers reviews. Some people will make false reviews in an overly-personalized way. For example, they might talk about how a moving company stole half of their belongings and how mad they are at them. In any case, most of such comments are not true at all.

What to do with the best national moving companies reviews?

A good idea would be to make a list with a couple of moving companies you planned to hire and to compare and contrast them. Make some categories and put their traits into each one. Then, you can compare and contrast them and give them grades. Think of it as a simple comparison excersie. However, once you have completed that, you can see which moving companies are the ones you should go for. Moreover, you will have a comparison sheet for most types of moving and relocation. In other words, you will have a much easier time to check and see everything when it comes to relocation. A win-win situation.

Best rated national moving companies – conclusion

In the end, if you are interested in the best rated national moving companies, we sincerely hope that our guide will help you with them. Moreover, we hope that you will find information we shared with you useful. In any case, we wish you good luck with this one!

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