Getting ready to move? Feeling stressed about the things that you have to go through before you are in your new home? Well, you are not the only one feeling that way. There are many things to think about right now, but for sure the most important one is to find a cheap but reliable moving company. That is not an easy task to do because there are so many moving companies out there. It is a step by step process and one of the most important steps is reading the reviews. And if you don’t know how to find cheap movers NYC reviews, we can help you with that.

Hiring Movers

If you are planning a relocation, by now you probably realized that you will need some assistance. You can try moving on your own, but that is a very hard task, and it is almost impossible to do. Maybe you think you can always ask your friends to help you. And you can, but your friends are not professionals that do house moves for a living, so you will probably end up with a lot of broken things and even with fewer friends than you started with. So the best option here is to hire a professional. Hiring movers in the USA is a process that can be enjoyable if you do it right. Read all of the affordable movers NYC reviews, and you will have a pleasant experience.

Moving reviews

You may be wondering what are moving reviews at all, and there is a simple explanation. Moving reviews are short texts from regular customers just like you where you can find all the information that you need to know about any moving company. There are good and bad reviews, and you can learn something from both of them. It doesn’t mean if the cost of moving is low that there will be problems with your relocation. Many inexpensive movers NYC reviews tell us that everything went just fine. So do not be afraid to choose a cheap moving company if their reviews say that it is good.

Types of reviews

As we already mentioned, there are only two types of reviews. Good ones, and the bad ones. We can learn a lot from these things. By scrolling through cheap movers NYC reviews you will encounter many different opinions. If most reviews of the company are good, that means that they probably are a good company, but also that you should explore it more. Don’t be rejected by a few bad reviews. Everyone has a bad day sometimes and many things can go off badly. It’s not always a movers fault if something goes wrong. Damage and breakages do often occur due to bad packaging that is done by consumers of a moving service, so be sure that you are aware of all the moving mistakes that you can make, and that you know how to avoid them.

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Reviews use star ratings to determine the quality of the service.

Read genuine cheap movers NYC reviews

This may seem like a logical thing, but have in mind that not all of the reviews are genuine. Unfortunately, the moving industry is full of scams, irrespective companies, and intentionally produced reviews just to buff up the rating of the company. With these cheap tricks, bad companies try to hide their lousy service, fraudulent behavior and all the bad things that they have done and are still doing.

These are tips on how to recognize a fake review. With them, you will be much more aware of them, and you will know which companies you should avoid.

Overly positive moving review

There is no such thing as a perfect moving company, so don’t expect to find one. If you see a review that only glorifies the company, and goes on and on about how great they are, it is probably fake. No company can handle and satisfy every customer wishes and needs.

  • Be prepared to pay a premium price for premium service
  • Affordable movers sometimes offer worse services than expensive ones
  • If a cheap movers NYC review states that they are cheapest, but somehow provide all the services that expensive ones do, it raises a red flag right away

Too many details in cheap movers NYC reviews

Most customers will summarize a move in short. They will focus on high and low points of a move and supply with only relevant facts. If the inexpensive movers NYC review goes too much into explaining everything, it is a fake one.

Overly negative review

Here’s one more thing to be aware of. Some companies will try to disrupt their rival companies by writing bad reviews to ruin their reputation. Reviews that consist of degrading or offensive language are usually these types of review.

You can check if the companies have legitimate claims against them.

Keyboard with thumb down
Overly negative comments in cheap movers NYC reviews can be a result of rivalry.

Repetitive language in reviews

The same language and similar story structures usually refer to raising a red flag about the legitimacy of a review. Most of these fake reviews are written by the same person, so you can expect a similar choice of words and the same compliments.

How to verify moving reviews

Search for reviews on multiple sites. If the reviews are mostly positive on all of the sites, there’s a bigger chance that the company is legitimate. Also, be sure to check the company’s credentials. That way, you will be sure that they are a legitimate company and not a scam.

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Spend enough time reading cheap movers NYC reviews.


So to summarize, you should check all the moving review sites that you can find. You’re looking for consistency in reviews, but you don’t want them to be all the same. You should see both positive and negative reviews on the legitimate companies and take them all into consideration.

There are many things which draw your attention when you are planning a move. From packing, thinking about your life in a different place, to the stress that moving itself brings with it. Maybe the most important thing on this gigantic to-do list is to find an affordable and reputable moving company. Reading cheap movers NYC reviews is certainly one of the biggest things that you can do to help yourself in this whole mess that is called relocating.

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