Every move, even an urgent one, requires careful planning. Hiring moving assistance will help you a lot during this transition, but only if you choose well. You might be tempted to google “moving company USA” and hire the first one that pops up. Of course, this is not the smart thing to do. There are a million moving companies in the USA, so what are the odds that the first one you see is the best match for you? Would you buy the first house you see on the market without going inside or seeing any other houses? Of course not. The same goes for moving companies. Stay with us and learn what the smart thing to do is before you hire movers in the USA.

Check the movers’ reputation

You should know what others think about a product or service before you pay for it, especially if it isn’t cheap, and we all know moving is everything but cheap. Therefore, only a moving company with an impeccable reputation should be taken into consideration. A good reputation saves your money, time, and nerves. So, pay attention to what other customers say.

A seesaw with many boxes on one side and one box on the other
Compare different companies before you make your final decision and hire movers in the USA.

Read online reviews

There are many dishonest companies in every industry. Unfortunately, moving scams happen all the time. On the bright side, you can learn from other people’s mistakes. Also, you can get great recommendations from those who’ve had a pleasant moving experience. So, visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and look for the movers you are interested in hiring. Do the same with Citysearch, Yelp, and TrustLink. Be warned, though, that you might come across fake reviews. It is important to learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews on time.

Look for a local company

We recommend hiring a local moving company from the state you are moving out of or the state you are moving to. Otherwise, you would be wasting both money and time. For example, even if Sarasota offers some great moving companies that meet all of your criteria, there is no sense in hiring them unless you are moving to/from Florida.

Questions to ask before you hire movers in the USA

Sometimes, it is very easy to recognize fraudulent movers. If the movers won’t give out any specific information, you should stay away from them.

Do they have a license?

This is the very first thing to check before you hire movers in the USA. The United States Department of Transportation issues a license for interstate moves. The Best Cross Country Movers have a US DOT number which proves they can move your belongings to other states. If you are staying within the same state, your movers only need to have a state license.

A red moving truck on the road
Never hire USA movers without a license number.

Are they insured?

Moving insurance is a must – a company that is not insured is not operating legally. Accidents happen and you need coverage in case one happens to you. If you are not satisfied with the most economical option, which provides minimal protection, you can purchase additional insurance. If you chose Full (Replacement) Value Protection, your mover must replace or repair the damaged article(s). However, even this level of liability has its limitations.

Do they offer packing services?

Packing is a huge part of moving. Unless you plan on doing it yourself, you should hire USA movers who can pack your belongings. Also, check if they sell packing materials. It is convenient to find everything you need in one place.

Do they move special items?

Your relocation might be a simple one – just a few boxes of clothes and toiletries. Or, you might be moving valuable or fragile items that require more skill. For instance, relocating a pool table or a piano is pretty challenging. In that case, one of the first questions to ask before you hire movers in the USA is whether they move such items. Besides, it isn’t just a matter of whether they want to do it but also of whether they have experience in doing it.

How long have they been in business?

Experience is important in general, not only when it comes to special items. No textbook is going to prepare you for the job better than real life. The longer the movers have been around, the better. No matter how good their equipment is, the experience is the most valuable tool.

Ask about their rates

Low rates can be deceiving. Never go for the lowest rates. Fees vary depending on the season, day of the week/month, etc. For example, if looking for affordable long distance moving assistance in Michigan, you might consider moving in the winter because fewer people are moving when the temperatures are low. Demand a detailed explanation on what the rates really include to avoid unpleasant surprises later down the line.

Two persons studying moving rates before they hire movers in the USA, a desk with two laptops and some papers
Study the movers’ rates.

Do not hire movers in the USA before you get a proper estimate

An estimate given over the phone or online is not a proper one. Only an on-site estimate is an estimate you can trust. A moving company representative should come to your home and take inventory of all your belongings. They should check all of your storage places, like closets and cupboards. They should also ask you additional questions about the items you are moving and take notes. You need to understand your estimate and make sure it is as precise as possible. Get at least three estimates before making your choice – this is a great way to compare moving companies. It is best to find USA movers who provide free on-site estimates.

Bonus points for awards, accolades, and letters of recommendation

Ask your potential movers if they have won any awards or accolades. If they have been in the business long enough and they offer quality service, they probably have. Moreover, they can probably show you letters of recommendation written by satisfied customers. No one would ever recommend a company that took them for a ride. Why would anyone help movers who overcharge or disrespect customers make more money, right? So, pay attention to this when you need to hire movers in the USA.

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