An in-home moving estimate will provide you with a moving estimate based on your household inventory. For example, if you wish to move an entire house, it will cost more than just a few rooms worth of furniture. Thus, the less you want to move, the lower the moving estimate. You need to prepare for that if you wish for it to be cheaper, so we have prepared a short guide. We hope you like it!

How to prepare for your in-home moving estimate – the easy way

A moving professional will visit you to check your inventory. The more you have, the higher the price. So, you can do the following:

  • Designate only what you need. This is a good idea. You should designate only the items you need to be moved. This way your moving company will not bother with the items you can bring along yourself. Besides, if it is in your interest to make it cheaper, you will definitely consider this.
  • Do not bring along junk. Some items you won’t need at all, let’s face it. Thus, do not bring them along. You cannot expect to find cheap movers if you plan to bring along every item you have in your house. Think more economically.
Sometimes your in-home moving estimate is like math - hard to understand at first
Getting from A to B is simple if you know what you are doing

Additional information

Since the cost of the move will in a way depend on the number of items you bring along, you should think about the method most moving companies use. Almost all moving companies rent their services per hour. Thus, the more they have to move, the more time will it take and the more expensive it will be. The price of transport, however, remains the same, thus, sometimes it is better to do a bigger move in one go. Consult with experts and you will see how it looks like. Also, acquire moving boxes from Amazon or somewhere else. They can help with your move a lot.

A good moving company will always be professional
Workers working for a moving company are professional and they handle their business well

How to choose a moving company for your in-home moving estimate?

You need to know some key traits of moving companies before you decide which one to choose. Knowing how to find movers is easy if you are familiar with some key traits each moving company needs to have. They are:

  • Reliability. The best moving companies are always reliable. Moreover, they are always on time, their prices are constant and they know what they are doing, simply put. You should search for some online reviews to see which moving companies fit this description. Remember, you do not want a bad company providing you with an in-home moving estimate.
  • Experience. The experienced moving companies are arguably the best. With years and years of experience behind them, your move and your estimate is just a walk in the park for them. Try to find a moving company that has been working for years. Thus, the difference between experienced and inexperienced is immense!
Packing is always hard when you do it on your own
Instead of doing the entire move on your own, hire some professional movers to help you out


Overall, getting a good in-home moving estimate is not hard if you know some things beforehand. First and foremost, know what you are moving and where and, second, know who will be moving it for you. Thus, you can make the best decision. However, no matter which one you choose, a good moving company will always be your best choice!

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