The first thing we do before we choose anything nowadays is to check its online reviews. We don’t have time to do research on a product or a service anymore. And we should, especially if we trust someone with everything we own because reviews are never 100% genuine. Why is it so? Competition in the moving industry is fierce and it often brings to the surface those who’d rather take the easier way. Whether they choose to boost their own rating or devastate the competitors’, scammers pay those willing to leave a fabricated review. In their rush to earn as much as possible, assistants make mistakes. We use these mistakes to help you spot fake online moving reviews.

Checking how to spot fake online moving reviews
Focus on how to spot fake online moving reviews

Moving review websites

Luckily, there are many not-so-little helpers out there, like USA Moving Reviews, who better than anyone know how to root out misleading moving reviews. There are dedicated people behind moving review websites who after thorough research on your behalf. They present you with the most reputable moving companies that suit your specific needs. You don’t need to consult all of them but it is wise to compare results of at least three. Chance to overlook something drops significantly with every website you consult. Enter the company’s name in their search bar or let them find a moving company using your location. They will provide you with analysis and reliable reviews from (un)happy clients.

Can we alone spot fake online moving reviews?

Yes, of course, but note that it’s not so easy for the untrained eye. In all their variety, fake online moving reviews do have something in common – they lack balance. It means that most of those fraudulent reviews are either:

  • Too good or too bad to be true
  • Too short or overly descriptive
  • Made to advertise and redundant
  • Using advanced vocabulary or jargon

Aside from reviews, you should be aware of other red flags when looking for a mover, especially if they have a license, found with the company’s ID aka their USDOT number.

The best and the worst

Fake online moving reviews bring praise and criticism to a whole new level. Don’t let yourself get fooled by perfect ratings. Absolutely nothing is perfect, especially a service that depends on too many factors. Even the most reputable moving companies are powerless when it comes to delays caused by traffic accidents or poor weather conditions, for example. Whenever you are extremely happy or angry with the service you got, you normally always check yourself before you post an online review. This is because you care about your online reputation. Fraudulent reviewers do not. It explains why genuine comments and reviews are moderate. Also, if you are confident and have a knack for investigation you should definitely do a background check of a moving company you’re interested in.

To weed out fake reviews search for moderate ones
You shouldn’t trust reviews that go to extremes

Short or when you go to great lengths to explain that you are not posting a fake online moving review

What can someone say about a service they didn’t receive? Most likely as little as possible to avoid getting caught in a lie, or they’ll think of every possible detail that would make their story plausible. You don’t have to be Sherlock to notice that something is amiss with “Great service”, “Excellent!” or that moving workers with Specific Names arrived at Specific Hour on Specific Date. Glad I chose Name Lastname and his team out of hundreds of others”. If it sounds too general and detailed it’s a very good sign that the moving review is a sham.

On repeat

What better way to make someone remember the name of the moving company than to repeat its name over and over again in the reviews section. It is easy to spot fake online moving reviews like these as they look and sound like nothing a regular person would ever write. Especially if they are offering links to the company’s website or their phone number and contact person’s name.

Exemplary vocabulary is FTL

“No need to vex with charlatans. I’m directing your attention to infallible service provided by Moving Company. I would recommend them with certitude.” We would certainly not.

BECAUSE WHENEVER YOU SEE A REVIEW LIKE THIS, DOUBLECHECK IT! We can’t stress enough that you need to do everything in your power to learn how to recognize a moving scam.

Details, details

There are other tells that will help you recognize fake moving reviews, like date of the review or name and address of the reviewer. Many fraud reviewers post almost at the same time to several competitors’ websites and their posts are often duplicates. Also, it is highly likely that a fraudulent reviewer used a false name and address to post. Try to find that person online and see if there’s any trace of them. The easiest way to do this is to use a free reverse image search tool online. If you notice that the same photo is used with a different name and address more than once – well done – you have spotted a fake.

“Who you gonna call?”

Should you still fall victim to a fraud moving company don’t hesitate to file a complaint with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT (Federal Department of Transportation)? It is not too difficult to spot fake online moving reviews once you know where to look. It is comforting to know that even if you miss something, there are those whose job is to make sure nothing is overlooked. And of course, those you can complain to and ask for help if a scammer gets past all defenses.

Government institutions control commercial moving companies
US DOT and FMCSA protect your interstate move

To sum up, a genuine review should be moderate in every aspect. Reliable reviewers use everyday language, post about facts and not impressions, avoid profanities, jargon and five-dollar words. They are people with real profiles that you can find online. Many of them are marked as verified reviewers. Moving review websites are always out there to guard your back.

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