Searching for a new home can be a hard job. Although moving brings new life opportunities, it is still demanding. But finding a trustworthy moving company can be harder. Especially if you don’t know what you are exactly looking for. Personal recommendations, online reviews, and consumer reports are a good place to start your researching. But unfortunately, they are not the end of the road. Otherwise, hiring professional movers is the best solution if you want a smooth move. Additionally, there are moving company regulations & permits you need to consider before you hire them. Consequently, it is necessary to get informed about moving company regulations & permits. For this reason, the USA Moving Reviews are a good place where you will get the right information. Put all worries aside and rely on us. For sure you will find the mover that satisfies all your standards on our site.

Moving Company Regulations & Permits are different from state to state

The moving business is regarded as not only developed but also as a highly regulated industry. There are several good reasons for this. Moving company regulations and permits have got a unique purpose – primarily to protect the general public. Firstly, you are allowing movers to come into your home and arrange, pack and transport your personal items and belongings. After this, your belongings will be on the truck and in transport by the moving company. Undoubtedly, there is a risk of damage or even holding your items hostage for more monies. Secondly, moving company regulations & permits keeping out scam or fraudulent movers from damaging the reputation of the entire moving industry. For this reason, in most states, a moving company is required to have a moving company licenseThe lack of a license is a very first sign of a rogue moving company. Nobody wants to be their victim.

Rules and regulations are different from state to state.

Moving company license

Licensing requirements vary from state to state, indeed. Only a few states don’t require any local registration or license for moving trucks and drivers. Do you live in one of those states? If you do, don’t worry. In this case, your moving company doesn’t require registration at the regional department of transportation. So find what is necessary when you are hiring a mover in your state. So get informed not only about your long-distance movers but also local movers and their license. In the case of crossing a state line during transporting household goods, a company needs to carry a USDOT number.

Moving Company Regulations & Permits
The lack of a license is a sign you shouldn’t hire a suspicious company.

Registration at FMCSA

Unquestionably, any company that is moving interstate must be registered properly. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides ways to search your mover by name or USDOT number. Consequently, you will want to make sure your movers are in compliance with regulations and permits. Check it ahead because that is particularly important. Moving company regulations & permits are important for both sides. Sticking the rules represent the entire moving industry in the eye of customers. Not only does proper licensing prove a company’s legitimacy, but it also gives you more leverage if something goes wrong. In case you need to file a complaint or challenge your final invoice, you won’t regret your previous decisions.

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