Although Canda and the US are very similar, there are some differences in certain key ways! This differences can make you start thinking about moving from the US to Canada. For example, life expectancy is longer in Canada than in the US, and the mortality rate is lower, partly because everyone has basic health insurance. The fact that the crime rate in Canada is half as much as the US also plays a role in many peoples decisions why moving is a good idea.

Also, things like homophobia, racism, and sexism are less extreme in Canada, so this county offers a more comfortable environment. Another important thing, for not just Americans, but everybody is that Canada welcomes immigrants. So, If you are American thinking about how to have a better life, moving from the US to Canada is the right choice! Start planning your long distance move and keep reading to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

A Canadian flag in the air
Hospitality, mesmerizing landscape, maple syrup and a “sorry” to everyone along the way. These are just some of the things that Canada has to offer.

Before moving from the US to Canada, give this country a try!

Before deciding to change your lifestyle forever, give Canada a try. You can go there as a tourist easily. A US passport will get you six months in Canada as a visitor. So, try to see what your life would look like, and once your time is up, you can leave for a day and come back for six more months.

However, there is a problem, since you are a visitor you can’t legally work, so you’ll need a way to support yourself. Also, be prepared for some questions at the border about your trip. If you are an American student, this will be a great opportunity for you! This will allow you to live in Canada for a few years, and work several hours a week and during the holidays. Canada is a huge and multicultural country with world-class cities. Whatever type of an American you are, you will definitely find something for yourself here.

The Easiest Way to Move to Canada

So, you have explored Canada, and you liked what you saw. Next step is to find a way to relocate. In order to become a citizen, you need to have lived in Canada for 6 years. The easiest way is to apply is through Express Entry. This means that you are under 35, have a university degree, and two or more years of professional experience. In only six months you can get your approval. However, if you are older, you can improve your chances of moving there, by having a job offer and speaking the French language.

Another option is to have a successful startup business or to be a world-class artist or an athlete. Moreover, if you want to keep your current job, think about hiring some international business relocation professionals which will make sure that you have a hassle-free relocation process. The options are many, make sure to do detailed research about moving from the US to Canada, so that you can avoid unnecessary problems.

Bringing your Family or Pets to Canada

US citizens can have visa-free entry to Canada as visitors, which will allow you and your family to remain in Canada, typically for up to six months. However, if you plan on moving to Canada from the USA as a permanent resident, it is important to know which family members, if any, may accompany you. Simply, you can only take your spouse on children which are under the age of 22. And what about pets? The short answer is YES. There are many useful tips on how to move with your pet, so be sure to follow them all.

A man hugging his dog
Before deciding to move from The US to Canada, see if your new home is pet-friendly

Driving in Canda with US Driver Licence

Upon arriving in Canda, many people wonder if they will be allowed to use their US driver licenses or will they have to get new ones immediately. Well, it all depends on where exactly are you planning to move. Canada has 10 provinces, and the rules and lows in them differ slightly. However, one rule applies in each and every province, and that is that if you can show sufficient driving experience, it should be easy for you to exchange your driving license. Also, before exchanging your driver license you will be able to drive in Canada on your US license for a certain period. Again, this is determined by the laws of the province, which typically allow you to drive for 90 to 180 days.

Most Loving Cities

Canada is a huge country. It is the second largest in the world. Yes, the cities are good, but the spaces between the cities are even better if you are an adventurous type. Canada pretty much has every landscape you can think of. However, there are certain cities that Americans just love. Lets name a few :

  • Vancouver, Ontario – The city of Vancouver is very similar to Seattle because of all the rain, but it has the diverse food, culture, and nightlife of Los Angeles.
  • Toronto, Ontario – Located in the middle of Canada. It represents the “Big Apple” for Canadians. It is full of all kinds of people and opportunities.
  • Victoria, British Columbia– This city is a magnet to Americans who come to Canada searching for tranquility. It will provide you with a slower pace of life surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Montreal, Quebec – It is a diverse, bilingual and multicultural city. Bear in mind that in this city, you will have to use French more than usual.
  • Ottawa – This city is great for those who like history and culture. You can find museums and landmarks on almost every corner.
moving from the US to Canada
If you are moving from the US to Canada, Toronto is your best option. It resembles a lot of American big cities, so you can feel at home.

Whichever city you decide, you will not regret.
Be sure to be familiar with all the moving hacks, and just try to have fun!
Moving from the US to Canada can be difficult, so if you want to have a stress free relocation, think about hiring high-quality movers. They will help you with everything so you can relax and focus on the other tasks that require your attention. Have a safe trip!


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