Packing and relocating an entire home or office seems like a daunting task for many people. Even though moving can turn out to be a stressful and time-consuming process, there is a way to avoid any moving mistakes and relocate with ease. By hiring high-quality movers you will ensure you have skilled and experienced relocation experts by your side during each step of your move. Professional and reliable moving companies like Evolution Moving Company New Braunfels can help you not only relocate your possessions safely but also ensure your items are securely packed or stored in a safe unit. However, as there are many moving companies to choose from you need be careful and make sure you avoid any moving scams by researching in advance and making an informed decision.

hiring high-quality movers
Ensure you move stress-free by hiring high-quality movers

Things to know before hiring a moving company

In order to succeed in avoiding common moving mistakes and hiring high-quality movers, you need to invest some time in the research process. After learning how to recognize red flags and spot fraudulent movers you will be able to hire a company that meets your requirement and will be able to relocate your home easily and safely. Keep in mind that besides being reliable, licensed and insured, the moving company you hire needs to have the knowledge, skill, and tools to ensure your move goes according to your deadline and needs. Therefore, consider hiring only movers that offer specific service you might need.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a small relocation. Therefore even if moving to another part of the city you will need to create a detailed moving and packing plan. More than often when moving short-distance, people overlook the importance of the packing process. Without a plan on how to keep your belongings safe, you might damage your possessions and turn this exciting process into a nightmare. Therefore, when moving locally, ask your mover to help you pack and create an inventory. Professional movers and packers have the knowledge and equipment to move large and heavy items without any troubles. Therefore you will be able to relax and avoid any injuries during the moving day.

Make sure you have an idea of which services you might need before you start searching for a mover. Therefore, you will be able to save time and only contact the moving companies that can meet your requirements.

How to spot fraudulent movers

In order to make sure your move is being conducted safely and securely you will need to learn how to recognize fraudulent movers. The best to do so is to follow a few simple steps when searching for a moving company:

  • Find more than one moving company from your area and do an initial research on them.
  • Ask for an online quote. Use it to compare the movers and the prices they provide you by the phone.
  • Create a list of important questions and contact the movers.
  • Schedule an in-house estimate.
  • Double checking the information mover has provided you with is crucial for hiring high-quality movers.

Searching for moving companies you can trust

Having a few months time to plan and conduct the move will take much of the stress off your back and let you plan the move, step by step. Unfortunately, usually, people don’t have that much time to prepare. Therefore, many of them rush into hiring the very first moving company they come along. In order to make sure you don’t repeat this mistake evaluate the size and distance of your move prior to researching the movers. This way you will be able to save time and only contact the moving companies that can meet your relocation needs. For example, if you could use some extra space during the move, finding a company with a storage facility that is safe and secured would be the best solution. Also, make sure you approximately evaluate the size of your move. Therefore you can get a more accurate quote online.

a computer and a calculator
Get an online quote and compare the quality and prices of several movers

Find a few moving companies from the area that seem reputable and start researching further. Look for their online reviews and recommendations. Even though movers sometimes have a testimonial page on their websites, make sure to visit websites like Yelp and Gooogle+. When hiring high-quality movers, you need to ensure they are reputable and reliable.

Look into the way companies present themselves online. Pay a close attention to their websites and social media profiles. High-quality movers are proud of their brand and will use any opportunity to brand their vehicles, packing supplies and premises. Make sure you ask for an online quote and compare the prices and services from several different high-quality moving companies. Keep in mind that when a cost looks too good to be true, unfortunately, it just might be.

Prepare for the phone call when hiring high-quality movers

In order to make sure you gather all of the information you need and find a reliable mover near you to hire, you need to prepare for the contacting them. Create a list of questions to ask. Make sure to ask for detailed information on their company, license number, and credentials. Also, the questions about specific moving services you need to provide you with. Compare the quote they give you over the phone with the online one. When hiring high-quality movers there should be no red flags or hidden fees. Reliable and quality moving experts will gladly answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have.

Get an opportunity to meet a company’s representative

In-house estimates are useful for both you and your mover. They provide them with an opportunity to evaluate the size of your move and create an accurate cost estimate. On the other hand, getting to know a company’s representative might help you evaluate their reputability. As well as the quality of their services.

women shaking hands
Schedule an in-house estimate and get to know a moving expert

Do an additional research

When hiring high-quality movers, ensure you make no mistakes by doing an additional research as well. Check their license number and contact the FMCSA to double check the information they gave you.

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