If your dream is to move and live in Florida, but your budget is not satisfying, do not quit. Yes, moving is pricy, especially a long distance move, but it is not a reason not to move. Moving in Florida is a big step and life event, make your dream come true and save money at the same time. Do not worry; most people want to save every penny when moving; it is a common situation. On the other hand, there are other things you must pay and take care of before and after the relocation. Travel fees, transferring documents, renting/buying a new home, etc. If you are moving with a family and you have young kids, costs are higher. New school, clothing, books, the list is almost endless.

Search for solutions on how to cut relocation costs and to move for less. Don’t pay for items and services that are not necessary. Set a moving budget and stick to it. Moving costs depend on many different things. Size of moving, distance, storage, movers. Because we know how important it is to save money, we created this simple guide for moving to Florida on a tight budget. 

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Florida has a lot to offer and one of the things are affordable homes

Affordable places in Florida to move to

First of all, you should choose an affordable location and home. Some cities in Florida are expensive but, mostly Florida cities are affordable. After selecting a new city to move to, you can start moving preparation. Also, Florida is known as an affordable state for retirees. There are many Florida cities to retire and enjoy your golden years. These are some of the most affordable places to live based on costs of living, quality of life, housing, and income.

  • Kissimmee – moving in Florida should be affordable, but choosing a place to live should be too. Kissimmee is one of the areas that have very affordable costs of living. It is known for Walt Disney World but is it not only a tourist destination. Median home value is $150,000.
  • Palm Coast – If you are worried about hurricanes, know they are not often in Palm Coast. The average home price here is $180k.
  • Cape Coral –  It is located between Mimi and Tampa, and a median home price is about $180,000. Also, costs of living are cheap, and various outdoor activities will make you move here.
  • Palm Bay – Housing is affordable (the average home price is only $120,000), it is a good place for families, it has fantastic schools, and nightlife.
  • Orlando – A big city in Florida and it has everything for everyone (the biggest on this list). A proper city for seniors, young professionals, kids, families, etc. Home prices are a little bit bigger ($197,000), but for the town it is affordable. If you want to live in a bigger city at a reasonable price, move to a smaller apartment.
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Find your perfect and affordable home in Florida

Tips for moving in Florida on a budget

How to move on a tight budget to Florida and have a successful move? These tips will help you save money and cut moving costs. Florida is an affordable state to move to, but the moving process may be a bit expensive. Fulfill your dream to live in Florida.

  • Consider DIY relocation, but only if you have experience and it is not a long-distance move. You will not exceed your budget, but the risks are larger. Driving a moving vehicle is only recommended if you have experience.
  • There are many affordable moving services in FL you may find for your Florida relocation. Before you hire them, ask for the moving cost estimate, so you know the accurate moving price.
  • Move off-season and avoid the end of the months and weekends. Tr to negotiate with a moving company to get the best deal.
  • It is not easy to transport your belongings, but you should pack by yourself. Ask family and friends for help. At the same time, you will pack moving boxes and spend time with people you love.
  • Find moving boxes for free at supermarkets and other stores or ask your friends to bring some.
  • Also, be creative with the wrapping material. Newspapers and clothing is an excellent solution to wrap your items.
  • Pack only the most necessary items. You won’t need winter clothing and ski equipment in Florida.

Find affordable storage units in Florida

If you did not find a home before a moving day, where will you put all your household items? Moving in Florida requires preparation and good organization. Renting a storage unit, in this case, is the best solution. Maybe you think it is too expensive, but it is possible to store your belongings in Florida at an affordable rate. Research on storage unis in Florida and find the best deal. Keep in mind that the weather in Florida is hot and humid, so consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit if you have temperature sensitive items.

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There are so many ways to cut relocation costs, try them and check the results

Free places to visit in Florida after moving

After moving it is time to relax and enjoy. The process is finally over so spend a day on the beach. Florida has many beautiful beaches, and it is free. Also, enjoy a sunset celebration, visit Amelia Island’s Fernandina Beach, take a complimentary wine tasting, visit the National Naval Aviation Museum, and the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, etc. The list of free places is endless because Florida has so many beautiful places to show. Purple Heart Moving Group will save you money on moving, so you will have extra money for traveling across Florida and exploring this state.

Florida has a lot to offer to its residents and tourists too. Moving in Florida may be the right financial decision, and another good thing is that Florida does not have income taxes. People move to Florida because of the hot weather and affordable costs of living. These are the two main reasons for moving to Sunshine State.

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