When you are moving, it is always better to hire a professional moving company. Since they are professionals, they should offer the best moving assistance for your relocation. However, according to the Better Business Bureau, around 1300 movie companies have an F rating because of unresolved complaints. This is not everything. The Bureau receives around 13,000 complaints about moving companies each year. For this reason, here in the USA Moving Reviews, you can find all the tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Colorado. 

Red flags of moving companies 

Before you hire movers, you should know what red flags and indicators of fraud are. First of all, they are not accepting credit cards and are only asking for direct deposits or cash. Then, if they’re asking for a large deposit. The biggest threat flag would be if they’re not registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Then, if they offer instant quotes instead of agreeing on an onsite estimate. Additionally, they should offer a copy of the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You’re moving booklet. The last one would be if they require customers to sign blank contracts. 

What is a moving scam? 

It is extremely important to read Colorado moving company reviews in order to avoid scams. Here are the most common moving scams. 

  • Altering, publishing, copying, or making a fake bill of lading 
  • Giving customers an extremely low estimate only need to change it later on 
  • Altering the weight or volume of your shipment 
  • Falsifying the number of moving services used, manpower, packing supplies, and so on 
man counting boxes
The final price may change depending on the final measurement

What is not a scam 

Not everything is a moving scam. It is possible that there could be small damage to your items. Minor losses are also common. If your delivery is a couple of days late, it is not a scam. Lastly, it is also possible that your final price will increase, but it should not be over 10%. 

When to file a complaint when dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Colorado 

You should file a complaint in the following situations to the FMCSA. 

  • Overcharging 
  • Hostage Items 
  • Severely damaged items 
  • Slow services 
two people talking
You should complain when dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Colorado

How to report moving frauds and scams 

When dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Colorado, you should start by complaining directly to the moving company. If they do not respond, you need to report it to the appropriate moving organization. First, you have the FMCSA. Then, you can report it to the state agencies. America Trucking Association can help you with this matter as well. As mentioned in the beginning, the Better Business Bureau can protect your rights as well. If all these options fail, you can sue the company. This should be the last option since it is going to be quite expensive and long if you want to sue them. The best way would be to go through these organizations first. 


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